Ave Maria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Ave, ave verum corpus natum
De Maria virgine
Vere passum immolatum
In cruce pro homine
Cuius latus perforatum
Unda fluxit et sanguine
Esto nobis praegustatum
In mortis examine
In mortis examine

Contributed by Ella V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Thank you for posting this. Not many people, even musicians, are aware that Mozart wrote an Ave Maria. I used to do this with one of my choirs and my husband loved it. This is the first time I've found a recording so I'll be sending him a link. Thanks again! Beautiful

Anastasia Mares

Working on this for my chorus. This is much harder than it sounds!


no entiendo a que te referis, la partitura esta bajada de la pagina DME que tiene toda la obra completa de mozart. quizas estes pensando en otra obra

Roxanne M.

Don’t know why Schubert’s Ave Maria is more famous than this one among the masses. Maybe because Schubert has more popular tone to it. This is simpler and more beautiful.


This is a canon.

Riccardo Bachetti

Un po di dolcezza è bello che ci sia, mi consoli, per le cose del mondo che ogni giorno mi fa triste,! Il canto angelico mi da la pace dell'anima , grazie ! Bellissimo.

elisabeth steltzlen

Cette Version m'a échappée..... Très belle découverte !! Merci à vous !

Salvatore Lombardo

un bel coro di angeli diretto da mozart stesso. bellisimo

Franchesca Carrasco

Thank you for this beautiful rendition, unaware that Mozart had a version of the Ave Maria,,,

Vigo Kovačić

Pure genius work. Mozart the sublime!

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