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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

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Captain Obvious

Normal people: Such a great song, Mozart knows how to make music.

Me: WarThunder!!!?

Gerard Monell


Zincas Baptista

@Johann Sebastian Bach indeed i was wrong to say that.

Johann Sebastian Bach

But is not a song, it’s a piece!


I think of the Sapienza church theme from Hitman 2016

Zincas Baptista

yeah i have warthunder too but just put it aside cuz war thunder does not have this song anymore.
ANd warthunder is shit. Unlike this song

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Among my later works, I wrote this mourning my father. And if you listen, you can hear the grief, but also the relief of his welcome into the heavens. It gladdens me to see that some may hear this sound still

luis herrera

Is heaven the same to the blue skies we see everyday, Wolfgang? Appreciate it, sir

Michal Pupek

Thanks you for composing this it bumps

Dr.Bibaswan Bipasha Gangopadhyay

@Spinnis Oh yes, it is a word by my troth.

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