Where you said you going?
He can't fuck you like I can
Where you said you going?
He can't fuck you like I can
He can't fuck you like I can
He can't fuck you like I can
He can't fuck you like I can
He can't fuck you like I can

I, I don't remember much
I just seen her dead in there
It definitely stood out
I remember your smell when I touched you
How you used to talk to me
It all hurts so much now
How could I waste so much time on someone who doesn't even love me
Even though all the time I spent, its just worthless
Now I feel like I don't even wanna live anymore
Save me

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He caused a "Riot"
He said that people should "Look At Me"
But after the tragedy of "Jocelyn Flores"
He made "changes"
He wanted to "Take a Step Back" from music but returned
He used to say "F*** love", but then he changed his mind
He wanted everyone to have "Hope"
He knew people went through "Depression & Obsession"
He wanted "Revenge" against death, which took his friend away
But he never got it, in reality, all he actually wanted was "The Remedy for a broken heart"
He wanted to raise awareness for horrible causes because if he didn't the awareness would be "Going Down"
He wanted people to be happy because he knew that "Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares", so he wanted people to have happy dreams instead
He wanted everyone to sleep peacefully under the "Moonlight"
But now he is gone
And we all feel "SAD"
We also feel "BAD" because we underestimated him
He wanted to "Save me" and everyone else
Now he is our "Guardian angel"

Thank you XXXTentacion, you made me and millions of others happy.

Copy and paste this on another X song if u love x💔
Grettings from POLAND #LLJ

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can’t believe it

xMivex - Highlights

@Deckard Cain that he died dumbass

Deckard Cain


Aarya Bhardwaj


xMivex - Highlights


iTz_ nono

still cant belive it so sad🐐❤

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Ceilidh Joy

hi im the girl from the “teeth” photo. i do look dead, i do look like trash. i was on drugs, i think a lot about this photo. it was candid — i was at a banh mi restaurant w. some friends and i barely remember this night. in an empty and rather sad way, i’m glad this photo is immortalized through the song. because i look at that person who i was and cry for her. i’ve never found the photo. it’s very much real to me tho.

edit: yeah yeah, im an imposter and i look better on drugs. you can literally watch a video of me, and take it as face value. we had some moral issues towards the end, and i villify myself for it enough. my ig is lilmixedhunny, i don’t like plugging myself. not much of a clout chaser. i’m constantly teetering at the edge from this and other aspects of my life. i don’t want to disclose the name of the restaurant, i was a runner of lots of things rappers liked at the time. but i uh, i just lie still and let you believe that what you will, or whatever. because it might hurt you less, again, or whatever. do better than me.





Magic Man

you are so goddamn beautiful

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