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All monuments of men,
They're sinking in vain.

Tiny moments of mine,
They're floating in space.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Yann Tiersen's Monuments express the transience of human life and the futility of man-made endeavors. The first two lines reflect on how all of the monuments that mankind has built for itself—perhaps including things like towering skyscrapers or grand, imposing works of public art—will eventually fall to ruin and cease to exist. Despite the efforts and resources poured into their creation, they are ultimately temporary and fleeting, sinking into the dust of history. Contrastingly, the singer reflects on their own "tiny moments" as being weightless and free, able to float endlessly in space. While they may lack the grandeur and scale of monumental human achievement, these moments are inherently more enduring due to their intangibility and the subjective significance they hold for the singer.

Overall, the lyrics convey a sense of humility and reflection regarding the impermanence of life and the inevitability of decay. Where humans may fight against the natural entropy of their environment and create things that seem impressive, they are ultimately at the mercy of time and the pressures of the natural world. This is contrasted with the idea that, in spite of this, individual moments or experiences can hold deep, profound meaning and can carry on indefinitely in the memory of those who experienced them.

Line by Line Meaning

All monuments of men,
Every structure built by mankind, meant to last as a symbol of their achievements throughout history,

They're sinking in vain.
In reality, however, they are slowly breaking down and collapsing over time, their grandeur and significance ultimately forgotten in the grand scheme of the universe.

Tiny moments of mine,
Meanwhile, my own individual experiences and memories are fleeting and insignificant,

They're floating in space.
With no grand structures or monuments to commemorate or immortalize them, these small moments become ultimately lost and forgotten in the vast expanse of time and space.

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Comments from YouTube:


Muito bom!!!


Desde la primera vez que escuche a este gran hombre, pienso que en 50 o 100 años sera un beethoven o mozart. Cada composición es una poesía. Es increíble. Aunque admito que la música que toca ahora no me gusta tanto como la instrumental que tocaba cuando empezó. Gracias Yann.


I'm in love with Yann Tiersen's songs.


this is amazing... holds a lot of meaning


Este video es impresionante, muestra las pequeñas miserias humanas personificadas, y hace alusión a grandes problemas que conlleva esta sociedad "desarrollada" : La infelicidad, el egocentrismo, el morbo, el sexo bizarro, el manejo de los hechos por parte de los medios.. que de tan cotidianos los empezamos a creer normales.


I prefer his more minimalistic stuffs, like just the pianos and stuff, but this is still pure magic.


Music that needs to be listened again before I die ( will update the list by next week) 1. Nils Frahm – Snippet 2. Dustin O’ Holloran – 3. Sigur Ros – too many 4. Johann Johannsson – The rocket builder (lo pain) 5. Library tapes – Above the flood 6. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Live improvisation at Roter Salon – Volksbuhne Berlin 7. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (max cooper remix ) 8. Form the movie babel 9. Eric Satie - 10. Yann Tiersen - Monuments


All monuments of men,
They're sinking in vain.

Tiny moments of mine,
They're floating in space

Monuments By Yann Tiersen


I personally enjoy listening to his voice lol but I have to agree... his best works are definitely his instrumentalist works


Love this song!!!

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