The Trial
Yann Tiersen Lyrics

Someday my girl, in your mirror
Someday my girl, in your mirror
Darling, you will face the trial
Darling, you will face the trial

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Comments from YouTube:


oh how yann's music is evolving...beautiful nevertheless :)

eki 07

as usual with yann tiersen, it's just amazing...


aww that's interesting to find out that Sage Francis sampled this song for his song, the best of times. I love the melody throughout.


this man can do everything he wants.. simply amazing

Subrepticia Ardila

Que hermoso!!!!!! No words for this!!!


very interesting- loved the video!!

Hans Clery



Totally, I spent a while this morning trying to remember what song was very similar to this, until i remembered that it is "The best of times"


Didn't know that Sage Francis sampled this. Search Sage Francis - Best of Times Both great pieces in their own right


we love yann tiersen.

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