The Trial
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Someday my girl, in your mirror
Someday my girl, in your mirror
Darling, you will face the trial
Darling, you will face the trial

Overall Meaning

These lyrics speak of the inevitability of facing one's own trial or reckoning in life. The repetition of "someday my girl, in your mirror" creates a sense of ominous foreshadowing. The use of "my girl" implies a paternalistic tone, as if the singer is warning their loved one about the trials they will face in the future, like how a parent would advise their child. The final line "darling, you will face the trial" is both chilling and comforting at the same time. It acknowledges the inevitability of facing a trial, while also providing reassurance that the singer will be there for their loved one to provide support.

The use of the word "mirror" also adds a layer of metaphor to the lyrics. Mirrors are often used as symbols of self-reflection and introspection, so by saying "someday my girl, in your mirror", the singer may be implying that their loved one will have to face their own flaws and reflect on their own actions in order to grow and learn from their trial. The overall tone of the song is melancholic yet comforting, with a simple yet haunting melody that perfectly complements the lyrics.

Line by Line Meaning

Someday my girl, in your mirror
At some point in the future, my beloved, you will look at yourself in the mirror

Darling, you will face the trial
My dear, you will inevitably encounter a difficult challenge

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Thiago Felício

Que meus ouvidos durem por toda a eternidade para ouvir Yann.

Leticia Diaz

Qué música maravillosa!


now i'm blinking too much :S i love this song... makes you escape... as almost every yann tiersen album... simply... beautiful

Gonzalo Carrasco

Genial, la canción y el vídeo.


Thanks for your music, these moments would be like hell without it...

John Lewis

Bekliyorum yeni albümü sabırsızlıkla,seni seviyorum Yann seviyorum...


az kaldı aslanım

G E O - T R A R T

amazing music and finally an original aestetich video!


Me he quedado sin palabras.

danilo gonçalves melo


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