Till the End
Yann Tiersen Lyrics

We will be there 'til the end.

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randy palacios

This song brought flashbacks from the most beautiful moments in my life and all of the people who I have come across. All the experiences just started to collide together and turned into tears. As I kept smiling I felt so alive yet I felt a beautiful sense of death near me. This life are all the experiences you have to learn from in order to go on the next part. Death is the graduation of ones soul, don't waste it.

Zeims Andelsing

Have to say.. i still haven't found a song better than this..
Simply incredible..

Le Flâneur

Zeims Andelsing Tiersen makes so many different kinds of pieces, it's hard to keep track. I personally love Sur Le Fil if you've heard it, this is on another level though. Quite a different style in fact.


When I was a child, while my mother finished hitting me in the floor I dared to dream this beautiful woman will rescue me, give me all the love and respect that I deserved This dream kept me alive for so many years. Now I am 26, I am the beautiful woman that came to save my little inner child, i am the one who gives me hope, i am the one that dares to be brave, I am the one that made all those dreams come true. I did it all for her,the one lying in the floor, the 8 year old me.

John Smith

I wish the composer of this song could see this, I just poured my heart out to my girlfriend, I told her what i felt about her and what I was missing in life. this song made me cry, I haven't cried in years. I now know I can feel pain and love. thank you Yann Tiersen, for writing a beautiful and special song.

Milda Rupšytė

i listen to this song more than an year. from the first time i've heard it, i've understood that it's my favourite song and i still feel the same. all the time when i was sad the begining made me cry even more... and at the ending i started smiling. it just gets into your heart so deeply and i just love, love, love this song!! if i knew that i had to die, the last minutes of my life i would spend listening to this song...


This is absolutely a master piece!!


This is such an amazing, beautiful and powerful song...This gives me so muc motivation...This is the music that keeps me alive..Yann is still THE composer of the century...! I love his music... I hope you won't see this as a spam, but I justthink that good music needs to be shared.. I found a band on youtube called "Nyctalgia" If you've got the time listen to their song "Lost in timeless horizons" Breathtaking and intense song by this extremely young guy..


I can't stop listening to this song! Especially the last two minutes. I keep hitting the replay button!! pure magic!


Love this song!

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