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Yukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Strain' by these artists:

Cage Same movie, different actress, quite the theatrics Yell out…
Carbon Leaf Tellmewnflwospwgrrrmtirhzslqiato*&$%#@!…
Divinity Set like the sun Inevitable decay Dynasty devoured Once reve…
Fetish 69 Make up stains and stomach pain Cold sweat, eleven a.m. Here…
Focused Make up stains and stomach pain Cold sweat, eleven a.m. Here…
Moxie Here I am stuck again with my oldest fear I know…
Nicotine The strain always follows me Like a cloudy shadow 100 miles …
Shadowcast I never know when the fever starts to grow I only…
Xentrifuge Execution, Embraced in this strain. Persecution, Embraced in…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.):

Battle I draw my line in the sand, 'Cause this is…
Melancholy Come to me, my melancholy baby Cuddle up and don't be…
The Power Dance to the beat of the living dead You'll see baby,…
Trouble I'm tired of singing trouble To keep myself alone Somebody…

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Video: "Bakugo was actually supposed to be nice."

Me: pFFF-
Dies of laughter

Kacchan and Kiri: my favs
Also Kacchan and Kiri: the exact opposite

Me: "I don't think I'm okay"


My boy canonically has anxiety.

In a scene shown after the first training class with All Might (Iida & Bakugo vs. Uraraka & Midoriya)
He is portrayed as having a panic attack. Breathing heavily, panting, trembling and overthinking Midoriya's win. He is anxious about others becoming better than him.

He thinks All Might's retirement was his fault, when it was bound to happen anyway.

His extreme inferiority and superiority complex eats him away.

His mother is what many would call abusive. Her harsh words are almost never what a child should hear. She has previously hit him, and you can see why many people find this abusive.

He most likely has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder considering the fact he was kidnapped by villains to be pressured to join 'the dark side'.

He probably smells like caramel! His sweat works like nitroglycerin, and nitroglycerin is said to smell like burnt sugar. Caramel is burnt sugar. So, if it is like nitroglycerin, he probably doesn't smell stinky like we thought. It's very likely he smells like candy.


Bakugo IS My First Anime Crush- (If I had to describe the other casualties)

Wanna Know Why? Well, I Could Go On For Hours On JUST Describing On Why I Love Bakugo.. :)

The Important Reason Why I Like Him Is Cuz, He's Different From Every Other U.A. Student.

Bakugo Added The Spice Into The Anime Than Any Other Character

He Knows How To Clean, Cook, Is Intelligent, Acts Nicely In His Own Way

Bakugo Is The ONLY Reason On Why I Even Watched The Anime In The First Place

Bakugo Is Cute...REALLY REALLY KAWAII~!!!!!!!!

All comments from YouTube:

MikoMiko ミシェル Gacha

“Bakugo was actually supposed to be a NICE guy”


No, I won’t draw you


Madelyn Contreras

LOL girl you got me red handed

Valentina Vega Acevedo

same reaction my guy

Marhia Eakins


crackhead weeb


96 More Replies...


bakugo, insulting people: “BAHAHAH GET OUT OF THE WAY NERDS”

bakugo: gets good marks, sleeps at 8:30, is basically a nerd




crackhead weeb


Alya Almarzouqi

And teaches Kirishima...

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