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Your Year
by Bazanji

My oh my
Summer days, sun rays
I'm feelin' it's all right on time
For you, and me
Beachside chillin' I'm gone
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Beachside chillin' I'm gone
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Beachside chillin' I'm gone

Yeah, I've been livin' like the summer days
Sunny weather never rains
Goin' out every night
Meet another girl another name
Runnin' my city they knowing it's me (ok)
Doin' the show they be comin' to see (uh huh)
Makin' the bread and I'm packin' it up (ok)
Then I walk in the bar and all drinks are free! (ok)

N-no I'll never change up
I've been sticking with the day ones
Getting bigger since that day one
And one day go 'round the nation
They know the flow from Germany to Tokyo
Gettin' nosy like Pinocchio
I'm chasin' all these dreams
And y'all still busy chasin' hoes

It's all right
No class we up all night
Sun's out, and the girl's out
In the sun dress, they look nice (What?)
Friday goin' out, (Okay) Saturday do it again (Yeah)
Never take a day off (Yeah)
Every night is like the weekend

Got sweat up on the brow
Chillin' with the turtle
I told 'er what momma don't know won't hurt her
But I, knew she was bad in the summer time
(Yeah, uh huh)
But back to how it goes
Three hours by the cold
Sand sticking to our body drop top on the row
Let your hair down long blonde
She got them jeans on
Tell her when she's long gone
I've got the goodies for you
(Yeah, yeah yeah)
I've got the goodies for you now
Give it to me now I'm getting noted all my homies makin' money
And I'm tryna chase a dream but everybody tryna stop me
They been sayin' it ain't worth it and I gotta work a job
But I hit a hundred thousand now they tryna tag along

I'mma live it every day, I'mma live it till my grave
I'mma live it like the summer, hope this life won't fade away
I've been rollin' round my city with the music up, windows down
Pull up to the party and we pourin' up another round. (Okay)

Pour the shots and bottoms up, in the pool and pass a cup
Got your girl? Pass 'er up. Take the Uber to the club
Know we stayin' up all night, know the drink's on me tonight
We gon' party like [?] you know everything's alright

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