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CHON Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by CHON:

Can't Wait Trying to find, you left me lost I just want you…
Ecco I think I'm here But I believe That I am on the…
Echo I think I'm here But I believe That I am on the…

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Comments from YouTube:

Akshat Sahay

I tried studying to this but I'm vibing too hard.


Ive found this to be a good training song when im doing martial arts! Smooth jazzy feel with just the right amount of speed...excellent for breathing and working on combinations...Gets me in a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Mood if you ever played It! *Training Tip* Do about a straight 1:48 of straight Burnout shadowboxing to this song on a punching bag...Youll feel like goku when ur done lol!

Dion Burnett

Cleaning/gaming/creating same shit....I just start dancing around the house. And air instruments of course.

Kyle Dunn

It be like that

- The1trueharf -

Much more bass guitar on this album and more jazzy parts added then in many other songs they have. Man, I like 3 of their albums a lot, but I think this is definitely their best album so far. They have let their bassist have some spotlight too with an interesting mix. I like how not once I struggled to hear stuff over the bass in the mix even though it's on the louder side.

Christopher Nazario

@Matt Price ohh, so their brother is only touring/fill in bass right?

Matt Price

@Christopher Nazario Anthony Crawford played bass on this album

Christopher Nazario

New bassist is the 3rd Camarena brother lol. Guy is a savage

Andrea Gaetani

The new album is dope!

I'm listening on repeat the part from 0:00 to 0:32, wish it was a standalone song, so damn catchy!

Zerg Burger

Ikr, only part I listen for

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