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Include My Food
by Ember Swift

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Boinked White dress and a sticky mess all over your conscience Happ…
Own It I've had enough, I've had enough of dis traction. Feel…
Slipping To My Knees Somewhere between this bench and the tabletop, I am staring…
Some Fine Day What have we a-really got to do today? Let talk bout…
Ten Feet Tall We spent the hour on a random bar's balcony with…
The Underwear Song I am down to my last pair of underwear And it…

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Comments from YouTube:


See Cori, the problem with your way of thinking, whether it's so-called "anti-racism" or feminism, is that it ultimately boils down to guilt-by-association politics. "You are either with us or against us". White males of whatever background MUST repent of their inherent evil and become "allies". People of your school of thought fail to understand that treating someone as the enemy is naturally going to yield defense results. 

That word itself, "ally", bothers me because history is full of examples of alliances that did not reap mutual benefits. Individuals or groups found themselves betrayed, murdered, abandoned or screwed over by their supposed allies. I do not believe feminists want male "allies", nor do I think anti-racists really want white "allies". I think what they want are useful idiots.


This Woman Is "White Privilege".

zorro baggins

"The feminist philosophy reader". Sigh... OK, bring it on.

So a traitorous identity feminist would be a feminist that the rest of the feminists dogpile and accuse of having 'internalized misogyny'. Got it. Any rational, thinking 'feminist' then.

So a man who is a feminist is a traitorous identity b/c manhood is directly opposed to feminism. Fair enough b/c feminism is essentially a movement about hating men.

Society is racist (according to you). Sigh...

So many people are secretly racist or homophobic. Kind of why there's the whole "Solidarity is for white women" thing and, if we're speaking of transphobia, the whole "Cotton Ceiling" thing. Basically, feminists can't walk their talk.

Let me tell you what my 'male privilege' has gotten me. I get to do all the heavy lifting at work for women who make more money than I do. Never mind that they're not even in my department. I get to do THEIR work so that they can get 50% more than I make. I get to mind my P's and Q's and they get to say inappropriate things to me whenever they feel like it.

But whatever. You want to live on fantasy island. Live there.

Cori Wong

Yes, that is the implication. It's also implied (or made rather explicit, actually) that men typically reinforce sexism through their behaviors and that heterosexism informs much of how people act, respond to others, etc. So, please do thoughtfully elaborate.

john c

"You can become a traitor: A male feminist! A white anti-racist! A straight ally!" By implication you are saying Caucasians are typically racist. I don't think I need to elaborate much on this.


Additionally, I didn't here one mention of "female privilege." And the fact that everything negative in our society: racism,sexism, etc she considers part of masculinity. Sexist misandrist bigot at work folks.


Dude, chill the hell out!

Jake Bartley

What's with the anger? Where does that come from?

Andrew Larsen

The racist idea that simply being white benefits people in some unexplainable way, and that discriminating against white people is not only okay, but enlightened and necessary. The excuse some extremists use to justify pretty much any level of racism, as long as it is coming from people of color. A young American woman died because in college she was brainwashed into believing that her white privilege would protect her from being run over by a bulldozer.

robyn madsen

omg go back to tumblr

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