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Ghazall Lyrics

اشكرى الحياة مسخرة
مع الماسك وحامل حظ خرة
ماشي اعوج وبأيده مسطرة
بده يمشي الناس بسيطرة

يا ترى شو بفيد تفكر هون وتبني بعيد
يا ترى كيف بصير نصيب كل اللي كنت تفكر فيه فجأه يجيك

بتزبط مرة وعشرة لأ
مرة بتزبط وعشرة لأ

اشكرى الحياة شوشرة
كلشي فيها بنباع وبنشرى
في اللي سايقها محترم
في اللي عايشها مخترة

وجهين العملة الها قيمة وحدة
فن بالهوى شنصك بايدك انت

Contributed by Bailey B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

hmm AHA

The song has alot of sayings and rhymes, that would make it hard to translate however I'll give it a try:
Obviously life is a joke, for the unlucky ones
Walking zigzag, with a ruler in their hand
Aiming to dictate people's lives

I wonder what's good in thinking here and building far away
I wonder how destiny happens, when everything you've been thinking about comes to you

It works out once, ten times it doesn't X2
Once it works out, ten times it doesn't
music (Electro mijwez)

Obviously life is a mess
You can buy and sell everything
There are people who live respectably
There are people who live (B'makhtara from mukhtar) like mayors

Both sides of the coin have the same price
Art's in the air, your life is in your hand
Hope that helps!

All comments from YouTube:

Black Diamonds

Great 🖤

The Synaptik

بدي تلفون الرقاصة لول. بمزح <3

Nidal Nawatha

حبه الزاناكس خلت غيري تمسح

San ajami

بمزح <3


שיר ענק

قلب اسود

رائعون يا رفاق

Zayd A.S

Waiting for the new album .. high expectations, i really love your work guys

Yasmin Habib

حبيت حبيت حبيت





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