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Last Snowstorm of the Year
Hippo Campus Lyrics

When we were young
We wanted to die
But the sound of a drum
And the words of a child
Brought different light
Now no one can tell
The winter was nice
But the summer is hell

The summer is hell

The ground was so hard
The nights were so long
But we suffered the dark
And we wrote all those songs
Still I was a fool
I covered my ears
No I would not face the last snowstorm of the year
No I would not face the last snowstorm of the year

Contributed by Kayla C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Merin English

The fact that I could listen to this for the first time laying down with my lights off and some sweet headphones made listening to it for the first time all the better


hey same! only hearing it now, im doing a research project on hippo campus and listening to all their music is amazing. <3

Charity Knudson

Lucky I heard it for the first time in school 😂😭


Music like this is what gives life meaning for me.

Anna Guerriero

Really great song, and so powerful. Truly an amazing band that deserves so much recognition. Thank you for such amazing music.

Rich Burrell

Anna Guerriero it’s a cover of the fantastic Low - however they do it justice!


Whoever that dislike belongs to, please remove immediately.


this song is about running out of eggnog in january


It's just generally such a calming song and melody but when you stop and listen to the lyrics they open your eyes

Ariana Stachoski

Why am I crying

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