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The Classic Crime Lyrics

It's like I never had time to look away
Bodies stuck between death and decay
Are plastic and set up on display,
And their eyes are wide and they are looking my way.
Each ligament exposed each muscle connected
And every organ that I proudly neglected,
Have been arranged for the common collective,
Stomaching the sight of something dead resurrected
It seems we're fearfully made and designed,
But it's a shame we can so blind

We're all the same,
Made of hair and bones and water blood cells
And we're all to blame,
For spending way too much time on ourselves

I have been blessed and now I'm blind, the veil's been pulled over my eyes
Now every bad season that kept me believing seems so contrived
Theres more glory to be seen savored through suffering
Than ever was through self serving escape.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

It seems we're fearfully made and designed,
But it's a shame we can so blind

[Chorus: x2]


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Comments from YouTube:

Zach Burton

I love bands that are from Seattle!!!! And this is one of the bands!


these guys are the greatest band ever

crtitical thinking

Sad that they couldn't come as far as other mainstream rock band of 2000s era. I may be the only one listening to this band from India..


Oh no, you're wrong; count me as well.

Chives The Chauffeur

Hey look, it's the song that plays every frickin time my phone connects to bluetooth in the car!

Jōjia Momo

Criminally underrated band.


That awkward moment when your well-dressed cadaver starts to sing The Classic Crime.


"We're all the same: made of hair and bones and water and blood cells..."

Chloe Reid

i am in LOVE with the classic of the best bands i have ever heard.


..."Everyone must dance the dance of death".... 1st ten seconds of the song..... that's what is being said.. in reverse

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