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Lovers Never Say Goodbye
The Flamingos Lyrics

Please wait for me; for I shall return;
My love for you will forever burn
Though we must part;
There's no reason to cry
Just say so long;
Because lovers never say goodbye

I love you;
My darling more than life itself
I wouldn't try to hurt you;
For I'd only be hurting my self

Just kiss me dear;
And hold me tight;
For you know this is not our last night
Though we must part;
There's no reason to cry
Just say so long;
Because lovers never say goodbye

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Ann Carr

south side Chicago. Chance records gave us this superb harmony. Created on the stairwells in the Harold Ickes projects. A cappella for sure.
Could you imagine how hot it would've been to have on the same stage:
1) The Flamingos
2) Nolan Strong and The Diablos (Detroit, "The Wind")
3) The Beach Boys.
Holy moley Batman! They're all jamming' up in heaven right now!
Chicago: cool it. Melt your sidearms down for hairspray. Mosey on over to the lake, lie on the grass and concrete, and

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don sullivent

Went into the Marine Corps in 61, this was a song that meant alot to us.


I remember telling my girlfriend when she was moving with her mom and dad to Florida many years back to always listen to the words of this song. I never saw or heard from her again..............memories never die.

Alfonso Gomez

No they never do, and that's the way it should be!!!!!


Memories never die...So true..Some will haunt you until the day you die....

Kate Boerner

My Steve & I once danced to this song and I knew every word.  We loved it.  But now, My Prince, Steve, departed for his Heaven Day. NOTHING truly makes me happy anymore.  Even our sweet memories hurt me so much.  It's so hard to be without him.  And unlike others tell me to do, I am just not ready to go places without him.  Never a fight or a bad word, not in 24 years.  I guess our first marriages taught us well!  The very last words he spoke were, "I love you, Kari.  I love you so much."  I said the same right back to him.  Only 2 hours later and he was gone.  It's already 4 months ago, but it feels like yesterday.  I will never stop loving him, because "Lovers Never Say Goodbye."  I will love you always, Your Kari  + xox +  (Karen Ingersoll-Burns...a.k.a., Kate Boerner on FB)......

joanne Bennetti

great memories

Brooklyn Joe

My Heart goes out to you. Better to think about all the wonderful and loving time you spent together instead of being sad too often. I know it is hard, but I can also understand a bad first marriage and being thankful for my current Love, my friend, my wife!

Norman Jones

Best Music Of All Time I'm 75 You Cant Beat The Old Songs

James Chiles

James Chiles [I am 74 if we would

stephen kiefer

I just love this AMERICAN music. Where did it all go?????

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