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honey drop
摩天楼オペラ Lyrics

肌が溶ける 漏れる息が絡まる
指先がなぞり 辿りついていくのを

火照る身体上げて 私の体をその口で愛して
曖昧な今 痛みが体を浮かせ あなたを中で感じる

もっと もっと もっと 私を見てよ

わかってたけど あなたを最後の恋にするわ

悔しいけれど 好きになったの
あなたに触れた 今日の夜を胸に生きるわ

Contributed by Sydney G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Samwise Gamgee

One of my faves from them. Thanks for the lyric translations too!
I'm glad more people are listening to them. I've been a fan since 2009, and it was kind of a lonely community back then.

Ellis Kementari

Sono's voice sends shivers down my spine


how nostalgic~ I didn't know what's visual kei nor matenrou opera before I listened to Honey Drop over the radio few years back. Honey Drop was an instant love o_o


I love this song and the singer's voice! It seems I've heard this before...but I don't know where. I just barely found out about them.


I'm beginning to love this song and band. This song rocks!!


saw and heard them for the first time at AUSA and haven't been able to stop listening since! :) I was SO happy I went to the concert! I think the drummer is BRILLIANT and so's the rest of the band ::D


this is the greatest use of synths ive heard. wow! love it! and i love Nippon! good band!


totally awesome song - reminded me why I like so much of JROCK.

Mae Bernacki

o_o" Oh my..... This is.... just pure.... amazing. I think I have the sad news of saying that Versailles has been beat, but when I think of it, they're even and this band just helped me realize that Versailles is even more awesome than I originally thought. But anyways, this song is just pure.... unexplainably wonderful.


la lyrica es genial''''¡¡ la consegui en español... y me dejo con la boca abierta si muy genial..'''¡¡¡ MATENROU OPERA.... yeahhhhhhhhhhh

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