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온유 Lyrics

푸른 빛
너는 나를 닮아서
물결처럼 늘 일렁이고
네 안의 끝 바닥에 발 닿으면
숨 내뱉고 다시 떠올라

이 순간 내 모든 것을 느껴
고독의 기쁨을 알겠어
푸른 밤
멀리 나를 부르는 것은
빛인가 어둠인가

오늘 낮 반짝이던 바다는
이 밤 칠흑처럼 어둡고
하지만 내 갈 길 알고 있다면
두려워할 것은 없으니

이 순간 내 모든 것을 느껴
고독의 기쁨을 알겠어
푸른 밤
멀리 나를 부르는 것은
빛인가 어둠인가

젊음의 아픔과 그 침묵들을 사랑해
다시 피어나기에

이 순간 내 모든 것을 느껴
고독의 기쁨을 알겠어
푸른 밤
야윈 손에 잡혀온 것은
빛인가 어둠인가

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Young Min Ahn, Ji Yeon Oh, Yeon Jung Kim

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Comments from YouTube:

Armida Sifuentes

It’s incredible how every member of SHINee has his own color...totally different from each other...then, when they perform like SHINee they become in a wonderful harmony like no other group...


Exactly what i always say... i am always so proud of them 💙😭

Upper east side honey

Couldn't agree more.

my A tiny Shawol

SHINEE is SHINEE no any other group that same with their level for me...they are so precious..each one of them...5 of them is so precious...very talented.5 vocal,5 dancer,5 visual

Rachelle Patrice Serrato

this comment is wholesome and it made me cry. i miss shinee performing as a whole,, i cant wait for their comeback!! :<

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다이스 듣다가 오랜만에 들으니 참 색다르다ㅎㅎ


I become an ever bigger fan of Onew after sea of hope, this guy voice and his vocal technique is on another level

Savindi Gamage

Plz check dice

Sara Kim Jonghyun

Welcome to SHINee world
Check him performance in tokyo dome and SHINee members
It so amazing


I hope you enjoy exploring Onew's work (and SHINee too!). If you haven't already, check out Onew's rendition of Nessun Dorma and Rainy Blue.

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