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Assemblage 23 Lyrics

Just one more time
For the sake of sanity
Tell me why
Explain the gravity
That drove you to this
That brought you to this place
That pushed you down
Into the soil's embrace

Give me the chance
I was denied
To sit and talk with you
For one last time

Did I disappoint you?
Did I let you down?
Did I stand on the shore
And watch you as you drowned?
Can you forgive me?
I never knew
The pain you carried
Deep inside of you.

I can't forget
Having to see
The words that knocked the wind
Right out of me
It's not enough
I've come undone
Trying to find sense
Where there is none

Just give me peace
You owe me that
To help ward off the fears
I must combat


And so I ask
For one more chance
To understand
This senseless circumstance
Help me to see
This through your eyes
The reasons I've been trying
To surmise

Though you are gone
I am still your son
And while your pain is over
Mine has just begun


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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew Steenbergen

Wow 😰 Every Time I Hear Thus Song It sends A Chill Through Me. It's dark but Reality is True.

Jessica Pierson 11

My mom just did this.... this song def speaks. Although I sorta knew since I was a child, ...I understood but Im still forever going to be left with confusion. That chance it was because of pain and " disappointment". Now my pain has just begun.

Brent Temple

I know this is 2 years old, but Jeslynn, I hope you are doing OK. Grief and Love are directly related.


You're loved


i am so so so sorry... but your mom's suicide has nothing to do with you, love... i understand why... imagine being in an ocean and having to try to not drown and moving your arms and legs to keep your head above the water... even when you get tired and you can't anymore, you keep moving your arms and legs despite the exhaustion and pain to the point that you become numb and you can't feel yourself anymore and you just can't anymore... you're not you anymore... you can't and it's all become too much...ppl who live with anxiety (usually caused by [childhood] trauma) who look fine to everyone around them, are going through something like that... she couldn't anymore and no it's not an excuse and i am so sorry that this has happened and i'm sorry for your pain... but know that it has nothing to do with you... there was an internal struggle that she was dealing with for a very long time. sometimes nothing helps. noone can help...and the person hits a breaking point... =( i hope that you can at some point find closure and be able to make peace with what's happened...sending you love and light.

Hugo Carmona

Exelente trabajo d sintetizadores!! Buenisima rola!!

Hugo Carmona

Jessica Lynn Pierson <3

Matthew Steenbergen

While your Pain is Over mine Has Just Begun!

Joseph Cerulli

great song

Heidi Leeshire

I hope u have found some peace, over time.💖 My mom died of cancer, & the 1 yr anniversary of it, he joined her. I "cope" but will never come 2 terms w it...💫💞😘 I was only 23. 😳

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