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Scientific Reality
Astrix & Atomic Pulse Lyrics

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Astrix Is there some disco fans in here tonight? It's beautiful,…

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Acid Rocker Condemned to death by his peers for rebellion Horus from Hi…
Closer to Heaven You are going up come with me, Im gonna take you to…
Closer to Heaven (feat. Michele Adamson) "You're going up up up up up with me, I'm going…
Scientific Reality Is there some disco fans in here tonight? It's beautiful,…

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Comments from YouTube:


Reality... r e a l i t y . . . r e a l i t y . . .
Are there some disco fans here tonight???


visions.. visionss.. visions


God this was in 2002? Sooooooo ahead of time. One of the best lifts ever beside ,,Blood red rain""

Mick Nevinger

i know right? that is why its awesome :) thats the power of 2002!

Melissa Jones. Melpsychedelic

Got to be my favourite this Astrix😀


This track ages pretty well... One of the best tracks of Astrix. Vocals from a thriller about space is completely a match. You get this eerie feeling and the beat is fucking dope... Its a classic..!

Itasowaruitaso. aka Electric Rocket

It's beautiful, It's like liquid It slides all over everything Comes up in waves, wave after wave after wave... I never told anybody, but this ship knew about it It knows my fears, it knows my secrets. Gets inside your head, and it shows you Look, if what Dr Weir tells us is true this ship has been beyond the Boundaries of our universe, of known scientific reality

Carlos Pereira

@bizzare contact This is Laurence Fishburne in the movie Event Horizon (1997)

bizzare contact

@Itasowaruitaso. aka Electric Rocket is this Jim Morrison's voice ?

bizzare contact

morrison ?

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