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Bear's Den Lyrics

You were kind and welcoming
I'm on the slopes of La Bartolina
You can take all of your love out on me

You always loved Charlie best
You never knew how each night I wept
But I'll feast upon the crumbs he's left

And I can't forgive myself
Oh, I can't forgive myself

You would hide yourself in a shrug
As your hair starting falling out
When you took off your dressing gown

Your mother was dressed in black
With a lock of your hair in her hands
And I knew there was no turning back

And I can't forgive myself
No, I can't forgive myself
I can't forgive myself
No, I can't forgive myself
Sophie, Sophie

Didn't know when I started running
I was running for my life
Didn't know when I started running
I'd be running my whole life
Didn't know when I started running
I was running for my life
Didn't know when I started running
I'd be running my whole life
I didn't know when I started running
I was running for my life
I didn't know when I started running
I'd be running my whole life

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Andrew Donald John Davie, Johannes Refsdal, Kevin Jones

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Jeff White

+Matt Crissall To me, this song is about substance abuse and self loathing. The first verse serves to frame the romantic relationship of the narrator and Sophie. As pointed out earlier, Charlie is slang for cocaine, so when it says Sophie "loved Charlie best," it means she is loves cocaine above all else and is an addict. This makes the singer depressed; he then also indulges in the drug ("I'll feast on the crumbs he (Charlie) left"). This wracks him with guilt ("I can't forgive myself").

Verse three shows how the drug has affected Sophie, and hints that she is ill. The illness is unclear. Cocaine can cause hair loss, so it could just be a symptom of her deepening addiction, or it might be something unrelated like cancer, which would cause hair loss from the chemo. Either way, she is ill.

Verse four indicates that Sophie is dead. Her mother is dressed in black, indicating a funeral/wake, and has a lock of Sophie's hair, possibly as something to remember her by. The song then goes back to the chorus, which is the singer being wracked with guilt and self loathing, obviously from his inability to save Sophie or help her and at his own weakness for indulging in the drug.

The outro is a little more vague, but the core feeling is generally understandable. The singer is running, but not in a literal sense ("I'd be running my whole life" clearly marks the running as a metaphor). What is he running from? His guilt, maybe. Responsibility for Sophie's fate. His own weakness. Any of these could be true.

So I conclude the song is about drug abuse, a mutually damaging relationship, tragic loss, and shame.

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Josh Smith

saw these guys in London a while back, they played this song through one microphone and no other amps (the guitars weren't hooked up to amps) so amazing, such a great experience!


"as your hair started falling out" and "dressing gown" are the giveaways. this song is about unrequited love for a girl who died of cancer

Georgie im so done with life

Thata what i thought too! Then I realized the name 'Charlie' is a slang term for heroin. She was addicted, I think, and died

Heros Soares

uau, fiquei arrepiado.


My thoughts too. "Lock of your hair in her hand" also gives it away

Eden B

Love this song! It's really one of my faves, I can't stop listening :D


this song makes me feel things that i didn’t know were possible to feel but i can’t really explain what it makes me feel. if that makes any sense.

Charles Botelho

Amo essa música ❤️

Gina Arndt

He loved a girl but when he found out she didn't like him that way and preferred someone else to him, he distanced himself; never really seeing that she wasn't satisfied with her life in any aspect and that she was tearing herself apart. She killed herself and he feels as if he could have done something to prevent it. Now he has to live with the weight of a "could have been" situation and is beginning to see just how much he's lost himself too.

Alika Huntley

why does he need you to say it ? your the blame doom narc that ruined everything . A new year will come and go . You Narc will still be talking for him.

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