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Automatic Fantastic
Brant Bjork Lyrics

When the needle hits won't be long
You got your radio tuned..but it ain't gonna play this song
It's the sweetest sound you ever heard, and the metal flaked cherries always pass the word
Rub your genie down and get the news, it's time to ride with the strange dudes
Suns up, and we like it hot, and we always take our time...cuz it's what we got
The man shakes me down and that's why I'm broke , the rich man got all the green...but it ain't the kind we smoke
So we turn up our rock and we roll it slow, and we're always flying high...and the ride is always low

Contributed by Jake Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Professor Electric

The man understands groove and all its inherent wickedness

Joe Sanderson

Smoothest riff ever. With a nice single malt, at the end of a mellow tune.

Adan Marin

I have a feeling Brant is like his music : cool, groovy, relaxed.

Dominik Wiedemann

He'S a damn good musician. Could hear/see him with Kyuss lives. These guys are just great. Every single one of'em !!!


If Jimi Hendrix was alive in the 90's Jalamanta is what he would of sounded like. Brilliant music.

Ekrem Korkmaz

drfaust5fc how dare you? Delete that comment immediately

Joao Pedro2012

Brant Bjork was and will ever be the best one from Kyuss.


all of them are great and individually al their work is great john,brant and homme.


No need for ranking, homme and bjork both are ingenious.

Vinyl Diary666

I think it was Homme... he is the sound of stoner! Bjork is a master too! but in terms of values without doubt the Bjork! rad man,always with class

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