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Born Again Pagan
Chris Hatfield Lyrics

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Space Oddity Ground control to Major Tom Ground control to Major Tom Lock…

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Rare Earth

Your support keeps us going.

Clifford Martin

Only Ethiopian that was born from Solomon and sheba from the blood line of Solomon can claim Israel. The rest if the Ethiopians are hamites from ham...

Preston Bridges

“European God”? Jesus was Jewish. Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion. Ethiopia was mostly Christian before most of Europe had ever heard of Christianity. I didn’t hear anything about Thor or Odin in this video.


1:41 perfect shot!!!

Jon Reno

@Bill the stupidity in that question... They did not turn around because they couldn't cross the water. They turned around because this supposed prophet turned out to be a fraud. They lost their sense of being and identity in a single moment. That is worse than death.


What were you arguing with the people about at the end of the video? How’d they lie to you?

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Walk. To Israel. Walking? From Ethiopia to Israel? By foot? Walking?


your comment made me giggle louder than it should have 😅😅

Emba Derho

@Ned Mononymous: true. I was there when it happened in place called (Al Gedarif) but I chose to resettle in USA. It’s just laughable to see such fabricated stories. Many of my fellow refugees were either Christians or that of Islam.


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