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Journal of Ardency
by Class Actress

His game of cruelty Hardly calms me This game of cruelty
Is easily the most boring part of the Why can't you say
To me? I mean something to you (Chorus) Cause Everybody
Knows Everybody see's That this is the pain you do Do to
Me (oh) Everybody knows Everybody see's That this is the
Pain you do Do to me You think I'm Living, living,
Living, living, я living, living, living, up In the


You think I'm Living, living, living, living, living,
Living, living, up It's a white light Who's next in your
Drama? I'm honesty proper yes, but I think it's me so
Give me a sign Give me a warning Please don't lie Orя take
Your time I don't care what you say I just want you down
When the time's right

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