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Last Dirty Deal
Coco Montoya Lyrics

This is it now, darlin'
Lord, I've had my fill
My well's run dry
You emptied my till

I was young and foolish
But now I am old and wise
And I've seen your games
From such different heights

I used up all the patience
I did every bottle of steel
It's all over, baby
You done your last dirty deal

Is it one special man
Or is it someone I know?
I should have asked these questions
A long time ago

There ain't no use in you talkin'
Your story's fallin' flat
Now come on, baby
Can you lie no better than that?

I never hit me a woman
But don't ask me how I feel
It's all over, baby
You done your last dirty deal
Oh, done your last dirty

Oh, I'm fed up now, baby
'Coz I've already made up my mind, yeah
Oh, you drive me, woman
For the very last time, oh yeah

Go on home now, darlin'
'Coz this time the hurt won't heal
It's all over, baby
You done your last dirty deal, yeah

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Comments from YouTube:

Mr Mistoffelees

Coco Montoya is one of the greats when it comes to blues and guitar. Been huge fan of him for years.


De poca madre five stars!!


Coco doesnt make bad tunes on any of his CD'S ..Great live show as well !

Gary S

An amazing musician. Just saw him last night in Winters ,California

Really Appreciated

Thanks! Montoya really brings to life)

Rico Sadao

Coco's best song imo..

Gregory Smith

I totally agree


just ordered this cd. haven't heard bad song yet.

James Mack

This blues man does not do any bad, sad, or disappointing songs. He has been a master blues singer, performer for a considerable length of time and has been recognizes as such by his peers and fans Listen well, this is not a pretender !


amazing to see LIVE !

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