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I Want You
Curtis Hairston Lyrics


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Cool funky groove Charlie <R.I.P. Curtis Hairston>

Anthony Stephenson

Released in 1983 and still is so right for today.

fred coley

@carla lane since 2011 I'm about an hour outside of Raleigh. it's alright but ain't no place like home. I try to make it Jersey a couple of times year. still got family there though

carla lane

fred coley yep, I’m still here, I’ve never been to the festival. I keep missing it. I got a lot of family from north click. You been there long?

fred coley

@carla lane You still in Jersey ? I'm in North cakalaka Didn't make it to Jersey with everything that's be going on. Missed the Roselle House Music Festival. You ever been?

carla lane

fred coley I miss those days. I had a ball all the time

fred coley

@carla lane The Zanz was my spot. Hung out in Lakewood once or twice

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Horatio Alloway

hey everyone, all the youths who love disco and funk and good times are still around, theyre just hard to find if you dont know where to look - go to any warehouse party where theyre playing house or techno and most of the people there will have been jamming out to disco at someones house with a doobie or in a hidden away tiny club with a cocktail before they came.  I was in sydney's Hyde Park last saturday night and me and my mate shared a J with this random old dude and his mrs in their 60s and it felt really good to let them know that while we dont make it to the mainstream, there are still kids who are rockin it - peace.

jason hawkins

Thanks brother and when I visit Sydney will do

niv az

@Hugh Mann its pure funk not disco at all

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