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Domo Genesis Lyrics

It, uh, needs, it just needs that, uh, that uh, yeah
Yeah, okay (oh, ooh, yeah)
Yeah, yeah

And ya say hold (hold) that (that) light (come on now, hold out)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire (come on don't stop 'till you)
Hold (feel it) that light (baby you got to, hold on)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire

Baby, we can dance if you like
Shake that pretty ass on the flash of the light
Off of one glass, can only imagine the hype
Trying to figure how to be in your plans for the night
'Cause I haven't felt this good in weeks
Got a fresh cut now I'm looking for the freaks
Fresh car wash, please don't put your hand on the Jeep
Use your etiquette, and bring sand to the beach, but
All around the world they keep running
Shawty wanna hold my hand, it ain't nothing
Mariah said if it's worth time, then say something
And they tell me I'm out of my mind, I ain't budging
Yep, sorry if I'm so overzealous
'Cause I haven't felt no energy like you on this planet
So yeah, so put your number in my hand
And then fill that bitch up with fan mail, you diggin'? (ooh, yeah)

Hold (hold) that (that) light (come on now, hold out)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire (come on don't stop 'till you)
Hold (feel it) that light (baby you got to, hold on and)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire

Really good, nice to meet ya
Maybe we could smoke a little Indonesia
Shake up the world like a GOC
Your love song so strong you don't need no features, no
Little Jimmy, let's park at last
'Cause cupid never hit me in my heart that fast
I watch you burn whoever start that gas to walk a little bit
You're either gonna park or crash, it's muscle memory
Walking down a similar path, I feel the energy
Or maybe it's the way that I'm feeling from all this Hennessy
I'm way, way bigger than what they tend to be
And you could be my Marilyn Monroe, I'm John Kennedy, you know it
You feel it
'Cause I haven't felt this rhythm in a minute, get it fit
Till we fall, got arches, so I hit it with springs
I'ma fall, if I want it I'ma get it (ooh, yeah)

Hold (hold) that (that) light (come on now, hold out)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire (come on don't stop 'till you)
Hold (feel it) that light (baby you got to, hold on)
Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire

Now I could turn a pussy to a kitty pool
And I could swim around until my fingers prune
But if you stick around, I'll probably sing it to 'em
Yeah, if you stick around, I'll probably roll another up right now
Can a nigga grove? (oh yeah) come on

Smoke (smoke) that (that) fire
Smoke that fire

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Hot Pepper Gaming

Holy shit. Doms grew up.


+Hot Pepper Gaming Obviously you need to eat a habanero and review this album now.

Demetrius Harmon

this shit so fucking cold omg

Ngan Le


timi awaye



Irama THE HIPPY yea i don’t know the nigga

Connor Campbell

this song has what everyone else's is missing. soul


@Honda Civic this did not age well

Randy Johnson

Chance The Rapper doesn’t have soul lol.

kevinG banfield

bro no. domo is the soul in this

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