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Roc Marciano Lyrics

Cash niggas gotta get
Check the bag, that shit kinda big
Bitches out here trying to sabotage a pimp
I spit form the passenger side of the whip
Splash the shit
That's a big reminder, daddy, that I'm not your friend
Maserati drop top not bad for some project kids
Got a stash spot to keep the product in
Rock designer, I'm the Prada King
It's all simple math, mami, this not geometry
You printing money, I'm the dollar tree
They praise the God, it's like idolatry
When the waters got choppy, I was in the driver's seat
Steer my family our of poverty
Now my links entwined within' my taco meat
Niggas beats and rhyme flows is cheap like so Paco Jeans
Catch me standing over pots whipping these nar-collard greens
Chopping game with no Karate gi
Beat the pussy up like Rodney King
Chopper hiding in the closet like some kind of freak mind
Ma, I call it Bobby V
If you love me then buy me a V
Was never blood, why would I be naive? (Why?)
My team, we got it out the mud
Y'all niggas got y'all money clean
Behind the scenes, niggas funny, son
Shit was never chummy-chummy like it seem
Lil' monkeys trying to front, I thought I told you not to speak
Lil' monkeys trying to front, I thought I told you not to speak

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Comments from YouTube:


such a unique and flawless song, feels both luxurious aswell as a bit melancholic

Mike S

Bro what a perfect description

Matthew Sierra

“When the waters got choppy I was in the driver seat, steered my family out of poverty”

Let them know Marci.

Ash Balu

"printing money i'm the dollar tree
they praise the god it's like idolatry"


This is a straight up spiritual experience.

L Lafrenz

Wow. Roc is one of the few people that could ever talk on a beat like this.

WMS The Sultan

This beat is life!

Frank C

A glass of cognac and a cigar enjoying this masterpiece

S.A. T.

Quintessential Grown Man Rap

Tolera Sadika

how can an instrumental be so gloomy yet elated at the same time

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