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Street Parade
Earl King Lyrics

Street Parade 3:12 Trk 5
(Earl King Johnson)
Earl King
Arr. horns - Allen Toussaint (& tambourine)
Engnr- Cosimo Matassa, Jazz City Studio, New Orleans
Remix by M. Sehorn. April 1970
(original rel) Kansu Records #101
Musicians: J. Modeliste - drums, G. Porter - bass
L. Nocentelli - gtr, A. Neville - keyboards
W/various musicians from Loyola University.

I can hear music in the air
Somewhere, out there
An I can hear happy voices
Out-a in the air
It makes me want to celebrate
Hm, I feel good inside

And I wanna get outdo's
Yes I do, in the open wide
A big time serenade
It must be a Street Parade
And I wanna Second line
Gonna have a good time, yeah-yea!

I get excited
With every beat of the drum
And make ya wanna get down with it
Have a whole lotta fun
We gonna go dance, dancing
Out in the street
A-come on baby, oh Lord!
Girl, just you and me

A big time serenade
We're going to a Street Parade
And we gonna Second line
We gonna have a good time, time, time

Hit me!

Hit me!
Hit me!

Hit me, Frank!
Ooo! Yeah, you're right!

Clap your hands, people
Let me hear them clap, hm!
And keep on clappin', now
Let me hear them rap, yeah
Ev'rybody, do yo' thing
No promise what tomorrow brings

So shake your tambourines
Like they do down in New Orleans
A big time serenade
We goin' to a Street Parade
And we gonna Second line
We gonna have a good time, time, time

Pick 'em up and put 'em down
Your feets don't stay on the ground
Shake it and a-don't let go
Shake it 'til ya can't no mo'
Ev'rybody move ya hips
Go on a-let ya backbone slip
Give it ev'rything you've got
You've got to move it
While the groove is hot
Everybody's got to live it up!

Nobody wanna get angry
Guys, shake it up, now!
Play it now, for me
Play now, right now, right now.


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Comments from YouTube:


One of my favorite Mardi Gras tunes next to the version of Big Chief with Sheby Kimbrough on the drums.


Music . . . my first and only drug of choice! <3


Mine too!! Ain't no high like a music high!!


Brilliant!! Earl King is one fine funky fellow!!


thanks for this post awesome track and also this photo is so beautiful where did you find it?? Peace and blessings


Instant Favourite!


Blues with a Second Line Groove.....LAWD HAV MERCY!!


Try to made music like this, soo wide and positive, and I will quit to get drunk and get stoned.... IMPOSSIBILE!!!!


Backed up by The Meters!


love it

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