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Georgia Morning Dew
Johnny Adams Lyrics

Standing on this mountain
looking over L.A.
at the break of day
Takes my mind back to Georgia
many years ago
When I was just a baby
Papa plowed the fields and we'd walk behind
In the fresh plowed ground with no shoes
No, and no resemblence between L.A. and Gerogia
but the morning dew
There was sister sally and "swinging all night oh rubber tied suede"
While me and brother Charlies headed down thorugh "Kaney woods"
to fish in Mercy stream
Later on in the afternoon
we'd go picking peaches and sing a song or two
Yes, I'm looking out at L.A.
with my eyes full of Georgia morning dew
Then all of a sudden it seemed we'd grown up
and had to go out in the world
Sister Sally married John Coal
And brother married Tom Brown's oldest girl
But me, I had big ideas about money
and coustom made shoes
Now, lonely eyes look down 50 dollar's covered in L.A. morning dew
But on my way to work this morning
I knew I had all I could take
Working my heart out for pieces of paper
called pay
So I came up to this mountain
to figure out what I'm gonna do
And you know?
I thing Monday's morning's gonna find me standing
in the Georgia morning dew
I thing Monday's morning's gonna find me standing
in the Georgia morning dew

Writer(s): M. Smith, M. Lewis

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Comments from YouTube:


Possibly inspired by Sitting on the Dock or Midnight Train, but. .. less sad & more like warm feel bout back 'ome :D

Antoine Bara

Discovered this thanks to Savin’ L.A by Styles of Beyond, definitely grateful

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