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With My Maker I Am One
Eric Bibb Lyrics

I am the preacher – shoutin’ out the news
I am the juke stomper – playin’ the blues
I am the Holy Roller – givin’ Jesus my cares
I am the candy man – pushin’ my wares

I am the cowboy – brandin’ my steers
I am the Cherokee brave – on the Trail Of Tears
I am the master – whip in my hand
I am the slave – from a distant land

After all is said an’ done – with my Maker I am One

I am the Okie – on a dusty road
I am the banker – with the tailor-made clothes
I am the hobo – in a cold boxcar
I am the railroad baron – with the long cigar

I am the ghetto brother – ‘bout to lose his lease
I am the landlord – cuttin’ of the heat
I am the prisoner – playin’ cards
I am the warden – lokkin’ out on the yard

After all is said an’ done – with my Maker I am One

I am the doctor – savin’ the sick
I am the junkie – gravin’ a fix
I am the homeless child – on streets so mean
I am the movie star – on the silver screen

I am the champion – on the finish line
I am the beggar – holdin’ up the sign
I am the rookie – tryin’ to make the Hall Òf Fame
I am the gangster – fixin’ the game

After all is said an’ done – with my Maker I am One
After all is said an’ done – with my Maker I am One

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Comments from YouTube:

Rob Pampling

Eric Bibb is a true blues man .. so much talent and passion in his music .. one of my all time favorite artists. if you like blues you'll love this guy..l

Detlev Schueler

Yes! He´s ingenius! But Keb is also great!

gianmarco olivieri

When a blues transmits a great and deep message, it's a very good blues! Great Man!


Amazing! I love your passion Eric!!


Totally digging this vibe.

Madeleine Shaw

Fabulous song, singer,!!




+DEATRA YATMAN go to the trans atlantic sessions and see hin ,,, or check out darell scotts youll neve leave herlan alive ,,,, great music


Killer tune and I LOVE the vintage Stella!

Bird Kooistra

How many times I play this... well everything Eric Bib <3 Positive, uplifting, thoughtful ... & I share Eric's music with so many others.

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