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What It Is
Mark Knopfler Lyrics

The drinking dens are spilling out
There's staggering in the square
There's lads and lasses falling about
And a crackling in the air
Down around the dungeon doors
The shelters and the queues
Everybody's looking for
Somebody's arms to fall into
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

The garrison sleeps in the citadel
With the ghosts and the ancient stones
High up on the parapet
A Scottish piper stands alone
And high on the wind
The highland drums begin to roll
And something from the past just comes
And stares into my soul

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the Caledonian blues
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now

There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick
There's a lantern in the tower
Wee willie winkie with a candlestick
Still writing songs in the wee wee hours
On Charlotte Street
I take A walking stick from my hotel
The ghost of Dirty Dick
Is still in search of little nell
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
Oh, it's what it is
What it is now

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Romeo Whiskey

I keep finding this video and then it’s taken down .
I’ve loved it since I saw it years ago .

I’ve been in tight situations where I had to grab my bail-out bag and beat feet ... no other choice .
Cut off , alone in a strange city , and trying to make pick-up .
Get to some friendlies somehow .
Time running out ...

And yes , I have run across a beautiful stranger , who’s eyes followed me the rest of the night ... haunting my mind .

This song has always left me with a cold , desperate feeling of being alone , and a little sad .
Like a ghost drifting through other people’s neighborhoods and lives ... seen for a moment , and then fading back into the dark ...
Dodging the cops and the local toughs ... just trying to get off the streets to somewhere safe .

This video and song nailed it .

Romeo Whiskey

Oh no , it isn’t that .
I care for my friends , and I accepted a long time ago that you can care for someone , and not have them care for you .

They don’t owe me anything .
I choose .
It’s my responsibility...

I’m not cool ... I have been accused of being cold ... but it’s just because I’ve been around long enough not to believe in idealistic dreams or romantic personal
relationships... it’s all just business .

I keep things as professional as possible .
I don’t believe in much of anything .

Do the job ... do it well ... get out ... get payed .
Plan for everything you can ... try to control the chaos .
Make sure your friends are OK , the ones that are left .
That’s pretty much it .

If you gotta go , burn through all your ammo on the way out ... no use dying with full magazines .
You humped them all this way , might as well use them .
Make some noise ... let the Devil know you’re coming .

Nothin’ means nothin’ in the end anyway .
Don’t mean nothin’.

All comments from YouTube:

Daniel Wolf

I walked into a grocery store one midnight, heard this song over the speakers for the first time. Before I heard his voice, I recognized the guitar and knew it was Mark Knopfler - no one else plays like him! - and also knew I had to get it for my iPod. Now, more than a decade later, it remains one of my favorite songs, and it amazes me every time I hear it still.

Daniel Wolf

@Malachi Sowards I have that and a couple others - all of them have What It Is.🔈 🔉 🔊

Malachi Sowards

Still got that iPod?

Amanda Braun

Daniel Wolf it still amazes me too ;) what a gem he is ♥️

Tom Kovats

Brilliant. Mark is a genius.

John Williams

Pure genius!

Scott Campbell

Tom Kovats High on a parapet a Scottish piper stands alone.....

Jesus is The King of Kings

“Everyone is looking for someone’s arms to fall into.” Mark Knofler


That's what it is

Kevin M

Greatest line ever.

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