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Run For Tomorrow
by Exxplorer

People of the village gather round
Before the cross aflame, burns down
Hallowed be thy land and sea
The victims of their tyranny
We run with passion - run with might
We run from fear - run from fright

We're forced and chased from our home
We travelled far, to lands unknown
Our kingdom's rule has fallen apart
We've left our warriors with brave hearts
Men of steel with the razors edge
From their swords, many have bled
Try to escape - try to fight
Try to conquer - with all of our might

Run for tomorrow - towards the rays of the sun
Don't give up - the fights just begun
Run for tomorrow - don't turn your back, just run
Run for tomorrow - by the way of the stars
Follow it up, tomorrow is ours
Run for tomorrow, don't turn your back, just run

Our faulty rulers' days are done
We try to seek cover, but there is none
The days of old, the long days have passed
The sands of life, are fading fast
Words of prayer, hold us abound
A land of peace - we haven't found
Time and life, our soldiers foe
Run for tomorrow - and so we are told


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