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Deep Inside
by Future Funk Squad

I can see your soul

I see your soul
In the dead of night
As you creep inside
Fear grips me tight

I see things at night
Things that creep inside
Creep inside my head

Do you hear me cry? (x3)

Watching my moves
Ready at my side
I'm called to you
You tear inside

Then you move in through
You are deep inside
Hold my hand

Do you hear me cry? (x2)

I can see your soul

Do you hear me cry? (x2)


Do you hear me cry? (x4)

I can see your soul

Contributed by Hunter S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I heard this song on an old CSI episode: big shots, and I had to search it up

Kolya Ponurkevych

Me too:)


me too Lol

Lii 〰

Yess forensics of CSI


Yeah same here. That was...must've been about a decade ago.

Merim Ademi

Exactly!! S7E19 btw! Just got me while i watching CSI. Nice tune.

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This track is used on as the example for 'nu skool breaks'. I've just found a new genre I'm in love with!

Oscar .P.

So beautiful...really makes you think about life..


Uploaded from God's iPod


It would be classed as 'breaks' ..

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