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The Eastoner
General Midi Lyrics

Beurang maju ka lohor
Papatong nu koneng euntreup na regang
Ngageter jangjangna keur ngagupayan
Pancen keur wasiatan

Sore mengok ka Ashar
Papatong nu koneng hiber teu luhur
ngalayang ngawahan arek pamitan
poma tong ka jongjonan

Papatong nu koneng teu tembong deui
Leungit indit teu pamit
Papatong nu koneng teu tembong deui
Tilem bewara baturna

Prak reureuh tina ka riweuh
Prak pasrah kanu Kawasa
Prak reureuh tina ka riweuh
Prak pasrah kanu Kawasa

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Comments from YouTube:


Thumbs up if you're here after hearing this on Pandora.

Huh what

i've heard it from Visioneers

Magick Oracle

I didn't. But what channel was it?

Erin W.

Zenrikku77 yep💪

Random Artist

It's sad that the best music doesn't get many views and the "popular" music gets a crap ton of views :\

Random Artist

CallMeBronco yeah the best thing to do is to ignore what I don't enjoy, it's strange, though, that a lot of people ignore music like this. They just must not like chill music


don't think of it like that. The only reason the crap becomes "popular" are, a few reasons actually;
1. stupid people like to be loud and get a lot of attention, even if they have nothing to say.
2. greedy companies can easily make more money off of gullible stupid people so peddling the crap they like is better for them then selling "good stuff".

All you need to do is ignore the stuff you don't like. If you don't like it, just don't even think about it. It seems like a waste of time to me, to sit around and bitch about stuff you don't like; just enjoy what you do, and the world will seem better. :)

Random Artist

Jtown Fink yeah, this world has really gone downhill

Jtown Fink


Alex Noel

I wish this artist would produce more amazing stuff like this. He fell off the planet

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