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Shark Ridden Waters
Gruff Rhys Lyrics

I hear footsteps coming from the end of the leaan
The crystal clear shimmering high
The ghost of the goggles goes izzy pop
A woman that will have you cry
I didn’t know you, but you felt like a friend
And now I’d love to be a part till the end
I never know what’s wrong with me but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m truly at the end
And I’ don’t know what happens with me when you come along it’s just the way the sunlight catches your hair
Shark Ridden Waters
Shark Ridden Waters
Shark Ridden Waters
No use crying,
No use telling me how much you care

Writer(s): Gruffydd Maredudd Bowen Rhys, Burt F. Bacharach, Gruff Rhys, Andy Votell, David Hal

Contributed by Olivia I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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this song does something to my head, i go somewhere else

Mamta Parihar

swampdodger fgtrfgtgf

Geraint Lewis


Conner Robles-Emery

If you aren't scared off by her voice, I'd recommend Joanna Newsom. Leaving the City is a good starting song for something similar. Ys is where the good stuff is, but it's dense. The second half of Monkey and Bear, first half of Only Skin. Have One On Me really has the one moment in Baby Birch. Takes a bit to get there, but I think it's hard to say it's not justified.

OH_I _Will



swampdodger Same, tbh


Gruff Rhys strikes again.. He's a genuine musical genius.


The Italian at the start (when she's in the sea) is: She says: "You coming?" He replies: "Just a minute..I've got my shoes on.." Me thinks this is my summer 2011 track :) Love it!

Ariel OwO

someone said he sounds like 2-D, you know he kinda does!


In Superfast Jellyfish I could barely tell him apart from 2D, for the longest time I thought that was 2D.

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