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Like the Serpent
Hetroertzen Lyrics

Blessed are those Spirits from the Air
Who come unto Me to Possess my Mind...
So that I could write these Lines.
Black is the Lodge (Logia) which
undress "The Magdalene" (Sophia)
Highly pure is the most precious Blood
that we drink from.
Ghastly are the Wings that appear
from the Shadows of the Night

Ghostly are the Hands which seek the Wife
Because there is no Innocence
In the Holy Kingdom of Unknowable Light,
There is no Law ruling the Earth

And no Sin that does not claim Redemption.

Children being Sacrificed to the Ancient Gods.

Brothers and Sisters having Sex in the Sight of the Father

Both Male and Female united in Blood Ecstasies
Under the Purple Candlelight
"The Trial By Fire"
When the Grail of Three awaits to be filled in Cold Gloom

As in the Oldest Times
And the Christ be the Serpent of the Beginning

And the Angle of Light Breathes the Dust of Men
(at the end of the world)

You Shall See...
And Behold they Horror!

Witness Thy Beauty after it burns your eyes.
There is no Good and Evil,
But the Quest for Light that will set us Free!
Darkness shall finally overcome the Sin
and Peace finally be unto you...
Fools those who pretend to be mights
by accepting the Law of Men.
Fools those who follow God and no Other.
Fools whose who search in the Light of Violence
And feed themselves with Fear and Superstition
Fools those who Keep the Faith in Dead Idols
Or trust the Path of "Salvation".
Oh Yes! Fools all those who have Faith without Wisdom.
And Fools all those who follow the Lamb of God!
When They Could Be Wise...
Like The Serpent!!!

Contributed by Elijah B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jimmy Calhoun

Sounds pretty unique for South American BM. Almost more like the proggier French bands (Deathspell etc.).

Lillian Corpse

love this...

Ori Az

Best BM album ever!

Joseph D. Davison

increíble que esta banda haya sido de Puerto varas, en el sur de Chile y ahora residan en Suecia, grande hetroetzen CTM.

Adrià Pacheco


Ricardo Ferreira da Silva

great stuff!

Roberto Santos

Hail hetrohertzen 👊👊

Jean-Marie Martinez


Yvonne Söll

Great one.



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