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Make It Work For Ya
Juelz Santana feat. Young Jeezy & Lil' Wayne Lyrics

Boy let me show ya how to make that crack
How to spend that money how to make that back
Girl let me show how to hit that strip
How to get that dick don't give back lip
Go head do what you do make it work for ya
Go head do what you do make it work for ya
Go head do what you do make it work for ya
Go head do what you do make it work for ya

Put the coke in the pots whip it over the rocks
Ship it over the blocks it's movin' movin'
I do the damn thang I get a brick, shit
I don't let it sit quick I move the damn thang
I can show you how to mix that shit
How to get that shit how to twist that wrist
I can show you how to get back more
And the shit that you get back is just as raw
Girl I can show you how to hit that Ave
With that big fat ass and go get that cash
But you know you got to give back half
I'm somethin' like a pimp man go get that cash
Boy I don't play when it comes to money
I guess that's why I'm okay when it comes to money
I got two coups a truck and one four door
I can pick up all my hoes and have a one four org


Copped ten sold five then I hide three
Baking soda residue I'm gone with the other two
Fuck a magic stick Jeezy got a magic wrist
David Copperfield on the stove all types of shit
Stack it up like Pringles all type of chips
Are-15 all type of clips
G.A. yeah Atlanta
Dipset Harlem World call Santana
Hit Jim on the hip Cam on the celly
We gon' call Ace I get 'em for R.Kelly
That's seventeen a chicken I know the birdman
140th and Lenix I know the birdgang


Ugh, you can smell it through the wrapper
That's that shit nigga sit it in a pamper
I still got two sittin' in the hamper
I let 'em sit and air out or else you on them dampers
My lil brother got piff on them campers
We call him the N.O. capo
New Orleans that's what we ride for
We got Cash Money on the table layin' underneath the flo'
Shit it's like I got a pan how I heat the flo'
Aye but I really got a pan when I hit the blo
Shit aye this beat is so
Motherfuckin' G.I. Joe and the hydro
Got me high I can't see where I go
When the rap stop movin' you just follow the coke
When your bitch start choosin' she gon' ride wit a pro
I'm a have that hoe swallowin' coke
Birdman Jr


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Comments from YouTube:

Swami Siva

still listening in 2020. worrdd uppp

Sir Don Sage Russell

Negus really forgot!!!!

Pohjois Disaster Moon


Black Ice

Wat 👆🏾said


Happy 38th And 43rd BDAYS to Lil' Wayne And Young Jeezy 2020!!!!!

fujin II


Dreadhead Diz

My Kuzzo Rahim used to play this nonstop summer 08 lmao

Bo Jackson

Classic 💯💯.Big Meech is in the video #FreeBigMeech



Tyler Ralko

Director had the feel pof this beat down !!

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