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Kelsea Ballerini Lyrics

a country song When I need to put my feet back on the…
Better Luck Next Time One sided Everything about your love was one sided Didn't co…
Blindsided Were you on the other line or driving in your…
Boys Like You Love me, love me, love me, mmm Oh, hey, boy with…
bragger He's got the look, he's got the touch He's got the…
Children Go Where I Send You Hey, yeah Children go where I send you How shall I send…
club Yeah I like my friends, yeah I like tequila I like…
Dibs I know everybody wants you That ain't no secret Hey baby wha…
DOIN' MY BEST 2020 was a weird year Album dropped at a weird time Ain't…
End of the World The darkest midnight I'm lost in it Insecure and just done…
First Time I put on my make up Spray my perfume Sat on the…
Fun and Games Hey, it's cool, I know I'll see you around It ain't…
Get over Yourself You saw me drive by your place last Friday But don't…

Graveyard I don't wanna be no skeleton in your closet Another rose…
half of my hometown Half of my high school got too drunk Half of my…
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be li…
HEARTFIRST Met him at a party, accidentally brushed his body On the…
High School He's still driving that 1970 hand-me-down truck And he's sti…
Hole In The Bottle (There are many people who drink in moderation With no probl…
homecoming queen Hey homecoming queen Why do you lie When somebody's mean?…
How Do I Do This They say to get out with the old, you get…
I CAN'T HELP MYSELF Mm, I could go to bed before 11:30 I could go…
I GUESS THEY CALL IT FALLIN' I guess they call it fallin' 'cause you end up…
I Hate Love Songs I hate Shakespeare and Gosling and cakes with white frosting…
I Quit Drinking We used to be the life of the party Body to…
IF YOU GO DOWN I've known you since Brad and Angelina We go back…
In Between In between just a flame and a ring In between an…
Interlude There's a thin line between love and hate And it was…
Just Married I don't think I lied when I said I wanted…
la I've got a love and hate relationship with LA Off the…
Landslide I took my love and I took it down Climbed a…
Leave Me Again I hope you're spending Christmas with your family I hope you…
Legends We were golden, we were fire, we were magic Yeah, and…
Looking at Stars The night is young and so are we, so you…
Lost In Japan All it'd take is one flight We'd be in the same…
love and hate There's a thin, thin line between love and hate Between a…
LOVE IS A COWBOY Rough around the edges, stops you in your tracks Wrecks you…
love me like a girl Sometimes I don't like what's in the mirror Uncomfortable st…
Love Me Like You Mean I Love me, love me, love me, mmm Oh, hey, boy with…
Love Me Like You Mean ItLove Me Like You Mean It Love me, love me, love me Oh hey, boy with your…
Machine Heart I pushed and pulled it I let you do it too Like…
MARILYN Must be nice to be so nice and beautiful Hang the…
Miss Me More I retired my red lipstick 'cause you said you didn't…
Mountain With A View It's 7 AM and I'm on a mountain with a…
MUSCLE MEMORY (Uh huh) (Uh huh) (Uh huh) Your hair's a little longer (Uh …
Music It aLL starts when it's me and you , goin'…
Myself Mm, I could go to bed before 11:30 I could go…
needy I like my Fridays all alone With no reason to check…
overshare Mama says that I never met a stranger Strange thing is…
Penthouse We moved to a place with a view off of…
Peter Pan The smile, the charm, the words, the spark Everything, you h…
Roses You brought one to my door Stood there on the front…
Secondhand Smoke Sometimes you could hear a pin drop Or the ticking of…
Sirens (Oh) Well, your reputation beats you to this Little town li…
Square Pegs What if we were all the same? Same rules, same game And…
Stilettos Go ahead and say what you're gonna say Give it to…
SUBJECT TO CHANGE Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Seasons do it And it happ…
The First Time I put on my make up Spray my perfume Sat on the…
THE LITTLE THINGS (Ah) (Ah) oh, yeah Save your money on the roses, baby Just …
the other girl I bet you're from out West somewhere Hazel eyes and dark…
the way i used to (In the way, in the way) In the way I used…
Unapologetically They're gonna say I fell too fast They're gonna say it's…
Underage Young, all we ever think about is fun All we ever…
UNIVERSE I don't know Why the world is spinning or why the…
WALK IN THE PARK (Ooh) You could go to LA if you want 75 Nothing…
We Were Like Two sets of lips on a Pepsi-Cola In the middle of…
WEATHER I've been thinkin' you've been thinkin' 'bout something else…
WHAT I HAVE My neighbor's grass is the hit of the street But that…
XO You might be sitting there holding my hand You might be…
Yeah Boy Captured my attention, make my heart stop and listen When yo…
YOU'RE DRUNK GO HOME (Check, check) (One, two, one, two, three) (Hit it) I bet y…

Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

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Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

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the zpoz universe and its portal my final note is that for starters You really should have come to OzCon in San Diego this year, I got to head up a panel on Ozma with Emma Ridley, and I made the same argument that Dorothy is Ozma's Kansas equivalent, it's something that a few people disagree with me on (in fact there is a deleted scene at the end of the movie that makes reference to the blonde girl as being real, which I don't feel she was, her appearance is always preceded by Dorothy seeing her reflection, except when she appears in a locked a room). Of course the Tip thing bothers me quite a bit so I did reference that, even in Shirley Temple's version of the Land of Oz where Tip shows up the trans themes are kind of defanged since Ozma is already an adult when she's turned into Tip and it's more of a brainwashing thing. There was also a planned "King Tip," in an early draft of Journey Back to Oz, before the character was dropped entirely. I also heard a rather convincing argument on how MGM's Oz can be viewed as real, and with this Oz there is room for doubt, I don't think it was very nice of Ozma to deposit her face first in the mud, and how did Bellina get to Oz anyway? They didn't take her from the farm... but I'd prefer to think of them all as real, and all part of some weird disjointed film trilogy with Oz The Great And Powerful And The 1939 MGM Version Of The Wizard Of Oz (wildly differently aged actresses and sliding timescale notwithstanding)
That’s such a complicated and nuanced question I could probably devote a whole video to it. Suffice to say here that culture changed in the 40 years between the first Oz book and the MGM movie, and a plot point that made perfect sense in the context of theater culture at the time— when young boys were usually played by women— was something people had gotten a whole lot more sensitive about.
But Anyway My Oz Counter Parts Are The Lion Because I Am A Coward The Tiger Because I'm Always Thinking Of Food And The Scarecrow Because I Can Be Dumb And Clumsy
In Conclusion in a way Oz really did exist like Dorothy actually found the key of Oz and Ozma actually did came to save her from getting shock than keeps Bilina at the end. I do realized they didn't say anything about that she was a boy called Tip but trapped in the mirror and I even know also in the book that Dorothy was going to Australia but the movie changed that into a mental hospital instead plus instead of green ornaments, they were purple ornaments plus this movie return to oz proves that the events of the original first oz movie adventure was not all a dream how do I know it features the ruby slippers

Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

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Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

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We Have Heard News And Rumors(& everything in between) about alternate and parallel universes and trying to open the gates to many of these but THERE IS A NEW QUESTION I have to Ask Myself as well as all of you When Will A New Universe Arrive?
Before We Answer This Lets Find Out First
Throughout 2020, some held the belief that the Earth will shift completely from being a 3rd Dimensional (3D) planet to being a 4th or 5th Dimensional one (4D/5D). This was the same belief that disappointed so many on December 21, 2012, which marked the end of the Mayan Calendar.
This time, many (but not all) spiritually oriented teachers and commentators had learned from the 2012 event and were more cautious in their predictions of a sudden and complete change.
Instead, they framed it in a more nuanced manner by emphasizing that we 3D Earth humans are learning, using, and applying more and more 4D and 5D practices, abilities, beliefs, and perceptions in our lives. Some of these include:
— using our more feminine intuition and creativity
— practicing forms of meditation and yoga
— having lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences (OBEs)
— channeling and other ways of communicating with higher dimensional beings and ETs
— working with past life regression, hypnosis, and psychic abilities
These modalities enable the practitioner to experience the 4th and higher dimensions. They also bring those dimensions into our 3rd Dimension. Most of the time, those cross-dimensional experiences are temporary.
Eventually, we will reach a tipping point, after which we will consider 4D/5D things “normal”. That will mark the New Earth.
It will be a 4D New Earth if we still focus us on learning and mastering psychic and spiritual practices, abilities, beliefs, and perceptions, such as those above.
It will be a 5D New Earth when most everyone regularly uses psychic and spiritual skills as part of their daily life. (Some say upper 5D is when we leave our physical bodies behind and become light bodies.)
This differs from “enlightenment”, which is more about knowing yourself as the consciousness that is witnessing reality. That focuses more oneness and unconditional love for all existence.
We typically associated enlightenment characteristics with the 5th Dimension and not the 4th. But both enlightenment and psychic abilities support the ascension of humankind and our planet. And the development of one can bring the development of the other. Eventually, they come together in 5D.
Having nailed down the position of 7.5 million galaxies, the map is larger and more detailed than all its predecessors combined. And it’s nowhere near complete. Using the ultra-precise Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), the team is adding the coordinates of a million galaxies a month with plans to run through 2026.

The final atlas(of possibly as far as we know this Universe) will cover a third of the sky and include 35 million galaxies up to 10 billion light years away.

Of course, this particular map won’t have much practical value for space explorers. Even at the speed of light, it’d take us tens of thousands to millions of years to reach our closest galactic neighbors. Absent a convenient network of intergalactic wormholes, we’re likely stuck in our home galaxy for the foreseeable future. But the map has another purpose.

Of course, this particular map won’t have much practical value for space explorers. Even at the speed of light, it’d take us tens of thousands to millions of years to reach our closest galactic neighbors. Absent a convenient network of intergalactic wormholes, we’re likely stuck in our home galaxy for the foreseeable future. But the map has another purpose.

“This project has a specific scientific goal: to measure very precisely the accelerating expansion of the universe,” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Julien Guy told Wired. By measuring the expansion over time, scientists hope to shine a light on dark energy—the mysterious force that seems to be blowing the universe apart—and predict the ultimate fate of the cosmos.

Cosmological Cartography
To locate galaxies, DESI uses a collection of 5,000 fiber-optic cables positioned by robotic motors to within 10 microns, less than the thickness of a human hair. This precise positioning allows the instrument to sop up the photons of 5,000 distant galaxies at a time, record their spectra in detail, and determine how much the light has been stretched into the redder bits of the spectrum during its journey to Earth. This “redshift” is caused by the expansion of the universe and indicates how far away a galaxy is—the redder the light, the more distant the galaxy—thus adding a third dimension to galaxy maps.

DESI’s 3D “CT scan” of the universe. Each colored point represents a galaxy. Under the force of gravity, these galaxies huddle together in a “cosmic web” of clusters, filaments, and voids. Image Credit: D. Schlegel/Berkeley Lab using data from DESI
Whereas prior efforts like the Sloan Digital Sky Survey were slow and tedious—with scientists manually drilling holes and repositioning sensors—DESI is quick and automated, to the point of boring its operators on any given shift. But those shifts are prodigious, each adding some 100,000 galaxies to the map.

The scale is huge. Individual galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, are reduced to points of light flowing in enormous filaments, clusters, and voids. “[These are] the biggest structures in the universe. But within them, you find an imprint of the very early universe, and the history of its expansion since then,” Guy said in a statement.

It’s by comparing the universe’s initial conditions just after the Big Bang to its expansion ever since that the team hopes to tease out a better understanding of how dark energy has changed over time.

A Profound Mystery
In the 1990s, studies led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Saul Perlmutter and Australian National University’s Brian Schmidt attempted to measure the expansion of the universe. It had been assumed that the universe’s matter—including stars, planets, dust, gas, and dark matter—would act like a brake on its expansion. Like a ball tossed into the air, gravity’s pull would slow the universe down.

If you can measure the universe’s rate of expansion, you can predict its future trajectory. Will it grind to a halt under the force of its own matter and reverse course, imploding in a big crunch? Will it expand forever, eventually tearing itself apart? Or will it approach equilibrium, where the rate of expansion nears zero?

The teams gathered the light from supernovae with known luminosity—these are called standard candles in astrophysics—to measure the expansion rate. Their results were surprising, to put it mildly. Instead of slowing, they found expansion was accelerating over time. Some gargantuan force was counteracting gravity, and scientists didn’t have the faintest clue what it was.

Cosmologist Michael Turner dubbed this force “dark energy” and has called it “the most profound mystery in all of science.” Now, the race is on to better understand dark energy by putting together a more precise history of the universe’s evolution.

So, did the planet ascend to a higher dimension in 2020?

Before answering that question, I want to clarify what we mean by dimensions and ascension. If you do not need those clarifications, you can skip the next two sections.

[2] What are Spiritual Dimensions?

YOU CAN think of your experience in “waking reality” and your experience in “dreaming reality” as examples of two different dimensions. There are many models and descriptions of other dimensions, which can get confusing. The most common number of dimensions that people use are 7 and 12.

In reality, spiritual dimensions are infinite, and their number depends solely on the creativity of the teacher or teaching. The main thing is that each dimension has a distinct set of rules about what you can and cannot do. Also, you can most easily access each dimension by changing your consciousness.

Compared to our 3D Earth, people say higher dimensions (or ‘lighter densities’) have less stress and suffering, more harmony and cooperation, less egocentric behavior and exploitation, more wisdom and understanding, less separation and “othering”, and more oneness and love.

(Yes, most people think we Earthlings are at the bottom of the barrel!)

[2.1] Some Descriptions of 3D, 4D, & 5D

Detailed definitions of the different spiritual dimensions vary considerably, but are similar in some ways.

(1) One approach associates the dimensions with the 7 body chakras in the physical body. Our 3D Earth is one where the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) is dominant in the present consciousness of most humans. This makes sense, as the 3rd Chakra emphasizes how we express personal power, individualism, and control over our physical world.

In this approach, a 4D Earth would find most humans having a 4th Chakra (Heart) consciousness, which is based on love, harmony, cooperation, community, and relationships. And a 5D Earth would be one where most humans have a 5th Chakra (Throat) consciousness, which includes mastery in consciously manifesting and creating one’s reality for a life and planet that we truly love.

(2) Another approach sees the 3D as when most humans identified solely with our physical body, thoughts, emotions, and ego. We are “asleep” to our eternal spiritual being (our soul). 4D is when most wake up (awaken) to identify with our spiritual consciousness/soul. We see our physical body, emotions, thoughts, and ego as an illusion or temporary character in a play. We reach 5D when we become the produce and director of the play and create our physical reality from our larger consciousness (similar to the Throat Chakra, above).

(3) Many, but not all, New Age spiritual teachings emphasize the 5D much more than 4D. That is because some teachings characterize 4D as a realm of “lower vibration astral beings” (also called “lower vibration thought forms”). It is like a nightmare with alien and other monsters.

One version of this approach sees 3D as our conscious waking reality — our physical world. 4D is our subconscious dream reality, with our deepest beliefs and shadows. Those dreams we remember are often chaotic and sometimes scary. So people want to avoid them. 5D is like a “lucid dream” in which we are fully conscious and in full control over everything that we experience in our subconscious reality.

(4) A fourth approach says that 3D is where we learn to master space (moving around our planet). 4D is where we learn to master time, by traveling backward and forward in the timelines associated with each of our 3D incarnations. And 5D is where we put space and time together to understand and integrate all the 3D incarnations we have had. In 5D, we learn how a soul creates life incarnations. When mastered, we can move up to 6D.

In the 4 examples above, 4D is a much more flexible dimension than 3D. We are less fixed by time and space in 4D. But we are still not in full control of what happens to us and the environment we are in.

Some say we should bypass the 4D entirely and move directly to 5D by developing our heart-based love energy. But others say that is impossible. And that 4D is an amazing dimension where we will meet and work closely with benevolent beings from other planets in our galaxy and beyond.

In the end, 5D gives us the control that we feel we lack in 3D. Many see it as “Heaven on Earth”. But to get to that level, we need to go through the schools of 3D and 4D first. And we should know that 5D itself is a school for 6D and beyond.

Once most 3rd Dimension humans on Earth vibrate at a 4th Density frequency, then we can say that Earth has ascended to become a 4D planet. (At least this is one fairly common perspective.)

[3] What is “The Ascension”?

THE ‘transition’ or ‘ascension’ (people use both terms widely) to the 4th/5th Dimension may have started at the end of World War II, with the invention and use of the atomic bomb. Higher dimensional beings (including extra-terrestrials, spiritual guides, angels, and others) took more interest in our planet and have been working to prevent us from destroying ourselves ever since.

Others point to the counter-culture music and protest movements of the 1960s (the “Love Revolution”) as the start of the planet’s transition to a higher dimension. Astrologically, it is the transition from Age of Pisces, which started about 2000 years ago, to the Age of Aquarius. Astrologer dispute whether the change took place (recently) or will take place (in a couple hundred years).

The song, Aquarius, from the 1967 musical, Hair, was made famous by The 5th Dimension musical group in 1969 when their version was at the top of the pop music charts. The last Age of Aquarius was from about 23,760 BCE to 21,620 BCE. Some say that this was when modern humans came into existence on Earth.

Some Hindu gurus see the current times as the end of the Kali Yuga, the worst period, and the start of the Satya Yuga, the best period. The accepted dates for that transition do not align with our current time, but they say that is because the dates were misinterpreted in the past.

The end of the Mayan Calendar, on December 21, 2012, is also pointed to as a milestone of the planet’s ascension out of the denser 3rd Dimension. Matias De Stefano described it as a celestial Spring Equinox (on YouTube), when our planet emerged from 12,000 years of Fall and Winter darkness. That emergence, however, will take about 200 years before we see its effects.

2020 was a big year of planetary change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some say it was the year of Earth ascension, starting with the second Harmonic Convergence in July 2020, or maybe the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020.

More recently, I have also heard few say December 21, 2021 was the big transition. And I bet next year, December 21, 2022 will be another milestone.

[3.1] Why Now? The Internet & Other Drivers

Despite the confusion over dates, we see evidence of a transformation in recent decades. Yoga, meditation, wellness and alternative healing arts, spiritual teachers, and channeling and communicating with spirit guides and ETs (also known as “galactics”) have all exploded across the planet.

Even science is slowly expanding beyond physicalism and into non-physical and spiritual realities. This is especially so in physics and psychology (as discussed in this Batgap interview with Ed Kelly, on YouTube).

The globalization of the internet has enhanced much of the growth in these areas. Matias De Stefano, who remembers his past life at the end of Atlantean times (12,000 years ago), says that Atlantis had highly advanced spiritual abilities, to build pyramids, for example. But they rode in horse-drawn carriages because they lacked the technology that we have today.

Some say the people on Earth have mostly had a 3D consciousness for the past 5 to 10 thousand years (since the Bronze Age). Throughout that time, however, there have always been some people who had 4D, 5D, and higher dimensional states of consciousness. These include saints, seers, mystics, and spiritual teachers in many belief systems.

That dark period was necessary to bring us the to global brain technology that the world has today. More people today can find and share spiritual philosophies and experiences than ever before on this planet.

For example, I based much of the information in this article on messages from different higher dimensional channeled beings, communicating through human channelers, and shared on YouTube. The practice of channeling alone has become “normal” and commonplace to a degree unthinkable a decade or two ago.

A significant rise in the number of people on the planet who have developed their 4D/5D consciousness is driving the global ascension at this time. The internet has played a major role in enabling that.

If you have psychic abilities, whether you intentionally ever use them, then I welcome you to the 4th Dimension.

Some channeled beings say Mother Earth (or ‘Gaia) is driving our present shift. She is ascending to 4D/5D after experimenting with the lower 3D for a while. From this perspective, we humans (along with plants and animals) are being pulled into the 4D/5D by the planet herself.

Some also say the Sun is also helping with this by heating up at the present time. (Which is true.) This is sending slightly more heat and energy to the Earth, which is enough to affect everything on the planet. The color of this higher solar energy is “indigo”, which has been a dominant vibration on our planet since about 1980. (That may not be true.)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (sometimes called the “giggling guru”) used to say that it was the nature of everything in existence to seek greater happiness. It is not survival, but the desire for greater and greater happiness drives evolution, both physical and spiritual. As the Buddha taught, and as widely seen on FB and YouTube, many people turn to spirituality to relieve their suffering. Ascension, therefore, results from the natural search for greater happiness and overcoming suffering.

Related to that, a growing belief is that the universe and everything in it are always ascending and expanding. This is simply part of our infinite universe. Infinite means constantly expanding and becoming new. Ascension, in this sense, is simply another form of expansion.

As mentioned above, the Internet has been a tremendous help in this, both as a tool for learning and as a way of connecting and supporting one another.

[4] COVID-19 & The Ascension

From a Higher Self (5th/6th Dimension) spiritual perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred because (1) enough people wanted Mother Earth to help with the transition to a higher dimension, or (2) Mother Earth herself decided that now was the time to make a dramatic move in that direction.

(There are, of course, many other explanations from 3D and 4D perspective that blame certain human and non-human beings. Those lower dimensional perspectives are valid for those who believe in them. But they are not considered here.)

According to Matias De Stefano (link below), viruses and bacteria are how nature (Mother Earth) changes our physiology. We can change our physiology through spiritual practices. But if we do not do that, then viruses are one of the most powerful other ways to change us. They are so powerful that many perish in the process of change.

COVID-19 is preparing our bodies for a higher state of consciousness. He suggests that we originally called it the Corona Virus because we intuitively knew that its focus will be on activating or opening our Crown Chakra. While unnecessary for most spiritually inclined people, many others needed this extra push from the virus to bring about a planet-wide ascension.

Besides physical changes, the pandemic is changing us and our planet in many other ways. From a social change perspective, it is a “Crisis of Opportunity”. That is because it is bringing new information, new perspectives, and new ideas forward on a global scale that we have never seen. From a spiritual perspective, the opportunity for evolution and ascension have never been as high as they are now. These are some of the planet-wide spiritual effects of the pandemic:

DISCERNMENT: It has helped humankind to better discern what they want and what they do not want in their life, especially in terms of what is important and what is not important. And because of that awareness, we are innovating and creating new ways to make our desires a reality.

PLANET CALMING: It has forced a planet-wide calming, allowing the planet to heal environmentally in many areas, with a resulting re-examination of personal and social values.

INNER SELF RETREAT: It has forced individuals into a kind of inward retreat experience in which they are becoming more familiar with their inner selves, including their shadows.

PSYCHIC COMMUNICATION: It is teaching us to communicate psychically and in other ways, instead of relying on voice, words, and related forms of linear communication (see the next section for more on this).

(Some portions of the discussion above come from Matias De Stefano in this Q&A recording on YouTube. Note that he says he is presenting his perspective only and we do not need to believe anything he says.)

[4.1] Discernment

Most of us are not liking excessive rules, restrictions, fear, and separation from loved ones that COVID-19 caused in various ways. In this, we are learning that what we truly value in our lives are freedom, fresh air, nature, companionship, community, relations, and love. These are Heart Chakra values that are associated with a 5D planet.

We are also not crazy about how the pandemic is exposing new information and faults in our societies/institutions and our relationship to our planet. But that new information also bringing forth new ideas and innovations to fix those faults, as daunting as they might seem.

Some channeled entities say that COVID-19 is bringing every person on the planet into a new relationship with their self — away from a 3D physical body dominance to a more 4D/5D spiritual heart and soul dominance.

This varies a lot, of course, among individuals. Each person is on their own unique path of spiritual evolution. We can never know what the path of another entails. We can only know what it means for ourselves, though even that can often be difficult to see or understand.

Because of the pandemic, more people today are more aware of their personal preferences for a good life than ever before in human history. And we are looking for and making that are reality.

[4.2] Planet Calming
One question of discernment that has arisen for many is whether we really need everything we think we need? Most of the world’s population is in an endless cycle of accumulation that is the primary cause of Earth’s environmental decline.
Our planet received a brief respite from the massive environmental onslaught of human activity. There was much talk of the return of wildlife to some location and improved air quality, at least at the start of the pandemic. But over time, the impact has become more mixed.
In brief, the positive effects have been reduced GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, improved water quality, reduced noise pollution, improved air quality and in some cases, wildlife restoration. Negative effects have been increased medical waste, haphazard disposal of PPE [masks], increased municipal waste and reduced recycling efforts.
— BDO Global consulting firm
It is too early to know the full effects of the pandemic on the environment. Part of the reason is that the pandemic is not yet over. Another reason is environmental change is a long process. Short-term fluctuations are poor indicators of of long-term changes.
A major question is how the pandemic may have changed people's attitudes and behavior toward our environment. The pandemic was the first truly global event, affecting every corner of our planet. It was the first time that all of humanity shared a same wavelength of mental concern about an environmental issue.
Because of the pandemic, more people today are more aware of our entire planet Earth than ever before in human history. And they are coming to realize that changing the world means changing ourselves, starting with our home.
Spiritually, we create our own reality. And the world we know and experience is a direct reflection of our innermost beliefs and expectations (the Law of Mirroring).
To be an agent of change, we need to start with ourselves. We cannot force another to change. We can only show them the way and allow them to make their own decision.
Of course, people reacted to that knowledge in different ways. But that shared global experience is another indicator of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, pushing us to think globally about our environment. That shift is something that may become more noticeable in the coming years. Global warming and the likelihood of new pandemics are certain to keep our environment at the top of our human minds.

[4.3] Inner Self Retreat
Many people found the forced isolation caused by the pandemic very challenging. People feel disconnected from loved ones and their social support systems. Domestic violence and some types of crime have increased during the lockdowns. And depression and mental illness rates in the US have almost tripled, especially among young adults and those with lower incomes.
On the other hand, there are many spiritual people who had no problem with the lockdowns. They saw them as an opportunity to go within and expand their spiritual practice. It gave them an excuse to have an extended spiritual retreat in their homes.
And, of course, most people who are somewhere in between those two extreme responses. It is those people who were maybe just barely awakening spiritually who Mother Earth was after in bringing about the pandemic.
As mentioned previously, many have turned to spirituality to relieve their suffering. Spirituality has always been a kind of self-help option for those experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. These issues have increased with the loss of outer world pleasures and entertainment. The pandemic made people realize the limits of seeking happiness solely in the outer world. It forced them to look inward, perhaps for the first time.
I joined several awakening spiritual groups on Facebook early in the pandemic to use them to share my writings on Medium. I was amazed at how fast they grew from mid-2020 through mid-2021. I also found a lot of interesting material and diverse perspectives in those groups to write about. I don’t always agree with what people post, but at least I am aware of their perspectives.
For me and all those new spiritual followers on FB, the lock down has been a tremendous opportunity for personal growth. My guess is that it has also served that purpose for many others who are not on FB. But it is hard to gauge that.
I am especially curious about what is happening spiritually in China, which seems so closed to everything these days, including Medium, Facebook, and YouTube. (A Chinese lady in Canada has started a recent video blog on a mainland China social media platform to share some of my writings. That will be interesting to watch.)
In sum, because of the pandemic, more people today are more aware of their inner, spiritual self than ever before in human history.

[4.4] Psychic Communication
Many spiritual commentators have pointed to an explosion in awakenings and psychic abilities since the start of the pandemic.
In my opinion, that has happened because of the pandemic enforced masks and forced isolation, along with the internet/social media, as mentioned above.
Many channelers railed against the wearing of masks during the pandemic because they felt it limited our freedom and ability to communicate. Those are two characteristics that need to be strong in an individual for successful channeling.
However, I saw the wearing of masks as something that is helping us to communicate in more subtle ways. Humans are one of the few “intelligent races” in the galaxy who still rely mostly on words to communicate consciously. Everyone uses telepathy. Whether spoken, written, or in sign language, we string out our words in linear space and time.
We humans also use telepathy and subtle voice and body language when we communicate, but we are a long way from doing that consciously. So, masks are a kind of baby-step in broadening our awareness of how we communicate.
People have told me that this idea is crazy, but how else are we going to learn to use telepathy for when we reconnect with our ET cousins (known as the alien disclosure)? Given our resistance and slow learning abilities, I can imagine man more mask requiring events in the future before we see some improvements in our telepathic abilities.
One advantage of telepathy is that we will no longer hide our intentions and feelings about things. We will no longer deceive another person by saying one thing and thinking something else. We will always tell the truth that is in our mind and hearts, and everyone we encounter will know our truth.
Are you ready for that?
Masks and telepathy are just one part of the psychic abilities that people have developed since the start of 2020, and even before that. Channeling, energy healing (such as Reiki), past life regressions, and even ET/alien contact experiences have become almost mainstream these days.
And that will only continue. I believe that these are all part of how Mother Nature is preparing us (her children) for alien disclosure so we can re-join our galactic family.
Although this might be hard to prove, because of the pandemic, more people today are developing psychic skills and having paranormal experiences than ever before in human history.

[5] How Will We Know We Ascended? — 2020, 2021, & 2022
Some say that thanks to the pandemic, we met the basic requirements for the Earth’s transition to 4D/5D at the end of 2020. Others, however, saw 2020 as a significant step, but they say 2021 as even more important. That is because:
— 2020 was when everything turned upside down
— 2021 was the year of integrating we happened
— 2022 will be the year of bringing our new higher consciousness to heal our planet (more on that below).
These are all actions that point toward a 4D planet. But they may not be enough to meet most people’s expectations of what 4D/5D will be like.
Many say we will not see a noticeable shift in the planet until 2029, the early to mid-2030s, the mid-2040s, the decade of 2080, in 100 years, in 200 years, in about 430 years (according to Hindu Vedic astrology), and in 1,000 years.
I think the differences mostly depend on how we define 4D/5D. Some see 5D as a dimension in which we have evolved from physical bodies into light bodies. That will take longer to reach, of course.
A few see humanity splitting, with some staying on a 3D version of Earth, while others physically move to a new 5D version of the planet. They say that the New Earth is hidden from our current view on the opposite side of the Sun. (To me, this is the least convincing perspective, and it seems to be far less common in 2021 than it was in 2020.)
Most say that we will re-connect with intelligent beings (ETs/aliens) on the other planets in our solar system and galaxy who mostly communicate and travel using 4D and higher dimensional technologies. We used to be connected with them in the distant past (in Atlantean times, for example, 12,000 years ago). But we lost that connection when Mother Earth decided to try her 3D experiment.
When “alien disclosure” will occur is very hard to predict. Almost every year, someone is saying this is the year it will happen. But we are still waiting.
Alternatively, some say we are already in the 4D/5D because there are so many more people today who are experiencing and mastering these higher states of awareness, consciousness, and psychic abilities in their lives, as mentioned above.
Related to this, there are those who say we have always been a 4D/5D planet because we, and everything in the universe, are always in all the dimensions all the time. We do not know we are in 4D/5D because we have chosen to not know that. We adopted a veil to hide our higher dimensional consciousness so we could experience 3D to the fullest extent possible.
But now we are choosing to lift that veil. We are peeling back the covers that hide our 4D/5D reality and slowly exposing our true self. Some are doing this more than others. They are vibrating at higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.
The higher vibrations that all the newly awakening people on the planet are generating are infectious and are changing our world.
Related to this, some say we only need 144,000 people on the planet who can do this to shift the entire Earth to a higher dimension (which is a New Age spiritualist interpretation of that number from the Bible). Others say it will take 1%, 2%, or 3% of the Earth’s human population (2% would be 156 million people).
I had suggested at the start of this article that we might need 51% of the population in a 4D/5D state of mind to say that the planet has ascended. But again, it mostly depends on how you define what a 4D/5D state of mind is at the individual level, and at the planetary ascension level.
[5.1] Assisting or Resisting Ascension
The tensions, confusion, and fear felt by many on Earth in 2020 and 2021 is a form of “culture shock” caused by the expansion of lighter dimensional or density energies on the planet that are pushing people into new mental territories. Different sources say that these energies are coming from Mother Earth, the Sun, and higher dimensional ET and Astral beings.
Most of the “New Earth” changes that are emerging from these energies are subtle and do not make the nightly news cycle.
Those who resist these changes and try their hardest to stay in lower 3rd Dimensional vibrations are much more likely to make the nightly broadcast headlines. This further stokes confusion and conspiracy theories on the planet. Many spiritual teachers recommend turning the news off during this period of transition.
As the Earth is expanding to a higher dimension, so is the entire universe and all dimensions transitioning to a lighter density. That is because our infinite universe is always expanding (as mentioned previously). So what we are experiencing on Earth is being felt in similar ways by beings in all dimensions. We are not alone.
Also, all entities on the planet Earth are ascending, including animals, plants, and inanimate objects, like computers and cars — at least this is what some suggest is happening.
People and beings who generate high vibrational Heart Chakra energies, based in love and trust, will manage the ascension much better than those who resist and generate low vibrations of fear, anger, and division. We need high vibrational people and beings at all dimensional levels of reality (not just Earth) to make the ascension for the universe as smooth as possible.
The more successful we can make this transition on Earth, the more we will be helping the entire universe, just as they are trying to help us. It is a cooperative and co-creative effort. (At least that is what my guides tell me.)
[5.2] Alien Models for a 4D/5D Earth
Some channeled beings say that the model for a New Earth are the planets around the star Sirius (the brightest star in our night sky). Sirian human-like races have 3D physical bodies, but travel and communicate across the galaxy using 4D and 5D technologies. Others say that it is the Arcturians (from Arcturus) who are the model for a 5D Earth.
I have also heard that Pleiadeans (from the Pleiades) are the main alien race helping with Earth’s ascension now. Pleiadeans are said to be from the 5th Dimension, Sirians are from the 6th Dimension, and Arcturians are from the 7th Dimension. That hierarchy comes from a 15-dimension cosmological model, which is not common (7 and 12 are more common; see the link above about Spiritual Dimensions).
Some say that beings in dimensions or densities closer to that of Earth assist our planet better than those in more distant dimensions. But not everyone agrees with that.
Besides direct alien assistance, there are many humans who have starseed ties to these beneficial alien races. That usually means they have had past incarnations in those star systems that give them knowledge to share with Earth. (My guides say that I am mostly Sirian in my starseed background.)

My Experiences of 2020, 2021, & 2022 (so Far)
Many said that December 21, 2020, was the official start of the Aquarian age and the ascension of the planet to a New Earth.

I received a message in a lucid meditation at that time from a being named Adelle. She said the planet reached its highest vibrational level on that December 21 date. It then held at that level for 10 days until January 1, 2021.

During that time, I was told to maintain the highest vibrational level possible to support this transition. I did this by meditation 4 to 5 hours a day, especially around the New Year.

After the New Year, I was told that things would settle down and that 2021 would be a much smoother ride than 2020 was, as the planet integrates all the lessons and new ways of thinking that were introduced in the previous year.

For me at least, this has all proven true

For many, the ongoing pandemic has altered and distorted the sense of time. Often, the bottom of the hourglass fills faster with sand; at other moments, the grains fall in slow motion. Stress, isolation and uncertainty warp our perception of the passage of days and can make us yearn for alternative realities or ways to explore the roads not taken.

The expansion and contraction of time, and the ways in which it branches forward and backwards, has long been a part of much speculative fiction. There are messages and characters from the future, journeys into the past, and rips in the fabric of the present. In this vein, Gunnhild Øyehaug’s new book, Present Tense Machine, translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson, presents a parallel universe of characters who are linked, yet unaware of each other’s existence.

Present Tense Machine is notable for Øyehaug’s playful and almost teasing approach to a twin-track reality. This isn’t a work of hard SF, a portal fantasy, or a series of Hollywood-style apocalyptic events. Instead, it is grounded in the lived reality of a family in Bergen (a location that may be familiar to fans of Norwegian TV shows).

The main characters of the novel are Laura, in her 20s, and Anna, in her 40s. Laura lives with an Instagram-friendly pop-star and is expecting their first child; Anna, a writer and teacher obsessed with language and meaning, lives with her second husband and two teens. Under the veneer, however, Laura has “the disconcerting feeling that everything is double”, and Anna lives in what “feels like a parallel, secret life”.

This is because they do, in fact, live in different universes. Before their worlds diverged, Laura was Anna’s young daughter from her first marriage. The split that sent them on their separate ways occurred one afternoon years ago when Anna was outdoors reading a book and keeping an eye on Laura riding her tricycle on the lawn. In her mind’s eye, Anna misreads “trädgårdar”, the word for “garden”, as “tärdgård”, a nonsensical word. This transposition (“an r away from a t over toward a d”) causes a new world to open up, separating the two characters and reshuffling their memories.

“We know that it’s hard to believe,” says the narrator. “But that is in fact how it happened, and no other way.” This narrator’s voice is another marked feature of the book. It interjects, it interprets, and it sometimes comments on the process of writing itself: “Just as I wrote the word language there was a howl from the living room, it’s Kipp — I’ve perhaps forgotten to say that he’s my dog, and he’s standing by the door howling, he wants out. But I don’t have any dry socks, so he’ll have to wait.” What could, in other hands, become a mannered metafictional tic is here a deft and even endearing guide to the novel’s mechanics and concerns.

Present Tense Machine proceeds in sentences that are fluid and flexible, continuing onward in graceful arcs to capture an altered reality. As one character thinks, it’s as though “the whole universe had wiped something from its memory, and he was the only one left with the vague feeling that something was missing, that something wasn’t right…”

Language and its confusions are always on or below the surface. At one point, Anna wonders if everything is simply a gigantic metaphor. Without being overbearing, there are also reflections on Noam Chomsky’s universal grammar and the levels of irony in Chekhov’s short story, The Student. These are undercut by more impish comments: on another occasion, Anna is struck by the titular name of a street-sweeping device, but it turns out that its actual name isn’t Present Tense Machine but “Precise-n-Tidy Machine”.

Modifications on such themes are found throughout the novel. Appropriately enough, the 19th-century French composer Erik Satie’s piano piece, Vexations, plays a unifying role in both women’s lives. Considered one of the longest musical compositions, it comprises only three lines of music that are variations on the same theme. (In passing, the way that this is described in the novel brings to mind Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style, although Øyehaug’s work is in a completely different register.)

They say that in the beginning was the word, as the narrator of the novel often points out. In this spirited meditation on words, language, and reality, Øyehaug stretches concepts arising from the Tower of Babel almost to breaking point, to come up with a beguiling fictional construct of the many tenses of the present
There are a number of areas across the world known to be energetic hotspots – from ancient megaliths to Ley Lines, these areas are often alleged to produce hyper-dimensional gateways. While we don’t exactly know how to open a portal to another dimension, there is evidence the phenomenon could exist. And now it seems science may be catching on to the possibility.

Typically, portal areas have some type of electromagnetic significance and are located near large deposits of quartz or other minerals with piezoelectric properties. So, it came as less of a surprise when NASA announced in 2012 that the University of Iowa physicist Jack Scudder, found hard evidence of portals created by the interaction between the Earth and Sun’s magnetospheres.

These portals are extremely volatile and unpredictable, opening and closing in the matter of an instant. But Scudder found markers, called x-points or electron diffusion regions, which allowed NASA probes to locate and study them.
Thus, it launched the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, or MMS, which mapped how two celestial bodies’ magnetic fields connect, disconnect, and explosively transfer energy, subsequently opening portals.

For now, only electrons have been observed to travel through these portals, generating auroras and the occasional magnetic storm near Earth’s poles. But this discovery could be the key to uncovering the function of some of the legendary portals on Earth that are said to act as gateways to other dimensions.

Inter-Dimensional Portals
The inter-dimensional portal has long been a device of science fiction, but it also finds its place within myriad ancient cultures. According to Freddy Silva, throughout history, we’ve slowly lost our connection to the Earth, but in times of antiquity, people were able to naturally distinguish energetic fields and hotspots across the land.

Our ancestors identified particular places considered energetically anomalous, and in these areas, one finds either a succession of temples or a temple that has withstood the test of time. Silva points to a number of gothic cathedrals built on grounds originally identified by Pagans as being sacred.

These energetic locales are considered sacrosanct because they represent areas where our inner temple – the mind – is able to access higher states of consciousness, connecting with extra-dimensional entities or invoking out of body experiences. Whether these areas always represented dimensional portals for the mind, or a portal for the physical body is up for debate.

Graham Hancock references the many stories of native shamans traversing planes of consciousness through the use of psychedelic substances such as ayahuasca. Within this ecstatic state, shamans report meeting teachers and guides, who provide advice and wisdom for living within the everyday realm of our existence. But Hancock also says he believes it is worth considering that there may be something otherworldly to these portal areas; something beyond materialist comprehension.

One location that seems to fit this description is Puerta de Hayu Marca in Peru. Situated on a plateau just off the western banks of Lake Titicaca, Puerta de Hayu Marca translates to the Gate of the Gods. Reaching 23 feet in both height and width, Hayu Marca appears to be a doorway to nowhere carved into a rock face in a remote area known as the Valley of the Spirits or Stone Forest.
Legend has it that when Spanish conquistadors came to Peru to loot the Inca’s gold, a priest named Amaru Meru used Hayu Marca as a portal to escape. Meru allegedly placed a golden disk, known as the “Key to the Gods of the Seven Rays,” into a socket in the center of Hayu Marca’s carved door, opening a portal and allowing him to walk through the stone never to be seen again.

Hayu Marca rests on a Ley Line, upon which the famous Gate of the Sun at Tiwanaku also lies in neighboring Bolivia, along with several other important Incan archeological points.

Visitors of Hayu Marca have reported noticeably unusual energy fields there, with some saying they can feel pulsating energy emanating from the rock when placing their hand in its center. Many who have reviewed the ancient site online mention this feeling of elevated or intense energy there.

Lake Titicaca nearby was revered by the Incas and considered to be the birthplace of their civilization. It is also among the deepest lakes in the world, rumored to contain a lost city and a plethora of treasure looted by the Spanish. In 2000, the lost temple of Atahualpa was discovered deep below the lake, adding to the mysterious nature of this ancient culture.

In more recent lore, a man named Jose Luis Delgado Mamani was said to have rediscovered Hayu Marca in 1996, astonished by what he saw. The gateway of the gods looked familiar to him, as he had seen a similar threshold in his dreams with pink marble. Mamani knew instantly this was the same vision from his reveries.

“When I saw the structure for the first time, I almost passed out. I have dreamed of such a construction repeatedly over the years, but in the dream the path to the door was paved with pink marble, and with pink marble statues lining either side of the path. In the dream, I also saw that the smaller door was open and there was a brilliant blue light coming from what looked like a shimmering tunnel.

Was Mamani contacted by Amaru Meru, the legendary figure who once passed through the stone doorway of Hayu Marca?

More Scientific Evidence
If you talk to most string theorists they’ll tell you it’s likely we live in a multi-dimensional universe. In fact, many string theorists believe that beyond our three-dimensional reality (four if you include time), there may actually be 10 or 11 different dimensions, all potentially with their own unique law of physics and chemistry.

Michio Kaku likens this to a fish swimming in water; to the fish, you can swim up, down, left, or right and everything within your body of water is your universe — your reality. But what if a human lifted you up out of the water? All of a sudden you’re in a new dimension, being held by a being breathing without gills and living outside of the water — entirely new chemistry of living. This being is also moving without fins and walking on solid ground — a new form of physics, different than your own.

And though there are some similarities between these two worlds as far as the laws that govern them, i.e. electromagnetic energy and gravity, there are vast differences. Similarly, there may be multiple dimensions beyond our own, of which we can only observe certain signs – quantum signs that don’t seem to fall into a unified theory of explanation, based on the dimensions we’re capable of observing.

According to the Randall-Sundrum Model, developed by Lisa Randall and Raman Sundrum, we might live in a space that contains a warped and gravitationally heavy fifth-dimension known as the gravitybrane or Planckbrane. This theory explains why gravity is the weakest of all the fundamental forces, while also allowing for the possibility that we exist on one of these branes, unable to see reality on the surface of another brane. Unless there was some kind of portal…

Could it be possible that a confluence of electromagnetic events occasionally opens up a portal into one of those other dimensions or onto the surface of another brane? Could this have anything to do with all of the ephemeral paranormal phenomena that are so seemingly ineffable?

Randall plans to test her theory through the use of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, but whether it will allow us any insight into the possibility of inter-dimensional And Opened Th travel by way of a portal, is up in the air. For now, we’ll just have to continue to study the areas our ancestors marked and unlock the codes they left behind.
My questions for MLP G5
Since the G5 movie just came out, all theories for the movie are answered. But I have some unanswered questions that might be answered in the special or the series.

The unsolved mysteries of G5 MLP:

What happened to the Crystal Empire?

What happened to Cloudsdale, Ponyville and Canterlot which are home to each ponykind?

What happened to other creatures and where are they now?

Where is the portal to the Human World (I don't really want to the series to show it, just answers from others. I don't really want to see cursed humans since Equestria Girls has perfect human design and since I don't want to see the results of G5 humans, I don't want to see it to happen in G5)

Why are the royals are kinda celebrities?
Unlike our world, Oz is said to be an uncivilized country that lies upon enchanted grounds. One could even say that Oz is in another dimension held at the very center of the Pietro's Outer Zone But The New Universe Has Not Yet Arrived And A Portal Has Not Yet Arrived Either On The Plus-Side However Once A Gateway Device To The Worlds In The New Universe Gets Built Invented And Opened Up A New Universe Will Appear But That Will Most Likely Have To Happen In Between The Years 2027 & 2031 - Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

on Myself

i know the zpoz universe ins't real(yet) thats why we are reading books
watching movies and tv shows and creating our own stories about thomas mlp
fast and furious twilight saga shining time station equestria girls l
frank baum's oz and wishbone ourselves if the worlds of those franchises
were real we wouldnt watch a movie or tv show nor would be read or make
our own stories we would just go there ourselves when you stop your whole
narritive only to go wait this isnt all real it just breaks belief &
defeats the purpose of storytelling and worldbuilding in the first place that is unless a portal to all those worlds can be built invented and can be opended
to make that & this world and universe real and live forever so please help zach my grandson in doing so

Zachary Vincent James Pietrolungo

on Myself

can you please create a fanmade pbs kids program break in between shining time station(once upon a time) and my little pony friendship is magic(the big mac question)? For me? Done and ready to upload today August 9th 2020 at 4:56 pm standard time
1:shining time station end credits
2:funding credits
3:ask for help
4:work it out
5:she made herself a boat
6:My Little pony funding credits
& 7th Finnaly but not least:intro
And characters talk to the viewer (really applejack)
About there experiences

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