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London Town
Light of the World Lyrics

Walking round walk everywhere
Thru regions park down
Thru Trafalga square
If you thinking this is my
home ground yes i'm telling you
I'm London Town
Summer time is in the air
Those pretty girl's are everywhere
In the morning under ground
It Takes you everywhere
on London Town
under ground in London Town
I'm Inlove with what I see the
Scenes of London always
anew to me.
See the children playing in the
park .older couples making it
after dark
This could be your reality
In London Town
you could be what you you to be
under ground in London Town
Come on everybody get on down
Let's have a party
rite here in London Town.we are
Don't forget about AMSTREDAM
Makes no difference ...
where you from its just
a party everyone can come

Writer(s): Ganiyu Adimoler Bello, Canute Sel Wellington, Peter Dacosth Hinds, Neville George Mckreith, David Baptiste, Augie Johnson

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Comments from YouTube:

J Eshun

As a Londoner this song has always been close to my heart, as a Brit Funker this is so timeless, why the hell wasnt this the theme music for the London Olympics? it is undoubtedly one of the best Brit Funk anthems ever released from one of the best bands the Uk has produced LOTW, we all speak about this group with so much affection still, the track about the joys of being a Londoner, it's also one of those songs that you never tire of hearing, just class from top to bottom


@Shalom Bertie100 Funnily enough I have just today found it on an old cassette I taped off the radio in 1981. I am throwing away all my old cassettes finally, but had to make sure it was available here first!

Ruby Tuesday

@Toni Andjelkovic
This is the original.

Danny #Real

A Brummie Funker, this is a classic and reminds me of when I lived in Shepeards Bush.. great days.

Guyana Gyal


Toni Andjelkovic

Sounds a lot like Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Nights.

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Somebody listened to a lot of Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds.



Katja Mulder

And paid good attention


Born and bred Londoner, absolute quality tune, living in Oz now trying to educate the Aussies, it's hard work..

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