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Lock and Key
Mason Proper Lyrics

We saw the sun was going down
through the iron bar spiderwebs
they turned the key
but we were already dead
we were already stone dead

We are the wind tonight
blowing up blowing down blowing left and right
shake shake 'cause we put that chill in your bones tonight
take that lock and key and shove it

Caught every lightning bug out in the yard
not a lone breath leaks the lips
as they come to grips with this.

We left them there and drifted west
when you and I coalesced

Later on, one swore he saw us open the jar
all the chemicals luminesce in their chests
and shine right through
kinda like me and you
kinda like me and you do

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Used to listen to this song driving through the snow to get to school my senior year. The days. Not really actually, but the music was rad then.