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To The Sea
Mint Julep Lyrics

we fly away
go all the way
to the sun, to the sun

we can drive
to the sea
and be free, and be free

take me, take me
to the sea
take me to the sea

we'll leave the scene
we'll leave the lights and crowds
behind us, behind us
pull out the stakes
and feel the wind in your face
make your mind up
make your mind up

take me, take me
to the sea
take me to the sea

we're running down
always around
keep looking out
keep looking out
leave it behind
follow the signs
to remind us
to remind us

take me, take me
to the sea
take me to the sea

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Comments from YouTube:

patricia nava

Time flies! its been 8 years.


What the name of this effect ? please... (if it has a name)


The effect is called Parallax, which like 1337Creations and x300Luis (i think) said, is when you have two cameras set close together and alternate the them with every other frame. Like alternating angles slightly. You can do the same thing if you look at anything and just alternate closing one eye quickly. And it's not really 3D, just depth perception your brain is picking up. Similar though.


music for intelligent people


Got a lot of good book recommendations from this video. :) PS Amazing song


omg this is one of the best music videos I've ever seen. cool books and the videoing is so original. I love it!

Blear Moon

Finally some GOOD music video.


awesome! magic! beutifull! amazing!


I'm so glad I clicked on this video, such a good band! Same name as my street too.

Danny Boy

love d video, song's also great...

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