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Another Life
Motionless in White Lyrics

If I can't let you go will darkness divide?
For the fiction of love is the truth of our lies
We were playing for keeps, but we both knew the cost
Now the only way out's in your heart shaped box

But I hate that it seemed you were never enough
We were broken and bleeding but never gave up
And I hate that I made you the enemy
And I hate that your heart was the casualty
Now I hate that I need you

As we rest here alone like notes on a page
The finest to compose could not play our pain
With a candle through time I could still see your ghost
But I can't close my eyes, for it is there where you haunt me most

I hate that it seemed you were never enough
We were broken and bleeding but never gave up
And I hope that I sing through your memory
As we echo through time in the melody
Now I hate that I need you

And I hear you now when you said "It hurts, but it had to fall apart to work"
As I see you now in what's left of me
Is it too late to plead insanity?

'Cause I hate that it seemed you were never enough
You were broken and bleeding in the name of love
And I hope that we meet in another life
I don't hate that I need you

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Written by: Chris Cerulli, Ricky Olson, Ryan Sitkowski, Justin Morrow, Vinny Mauro

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Mike Kramer

I recently separated from my wife and this song kind of describes how the relationship was then how I feel currently after she’s gone.

She always thought she wasn’t good enough because of her previous marriage but I told her every chance I got that she was for me. Me and her we both broken in our own ways when we met but I tried my absolute best to make it work. Lots and lots of tears and fights and apologizing on both sides. The 3yrs we were together was maybe 80% of constant fights and her putting all of that hate and distrust in me because her ex husband cheated on her. She put all of that blame on me when I did nothing wrong. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into my marriage but it just didn’t work.

Im a very stubborn guy and I just tried and tried to make it work. The deeper we went into debt and the more of my things that we had to pawn or sell to just eat and survive but I still continued to be there and be supportive because it was my 1st time being married and I thought that’s what a husband does. You do anything for your spouse no matter the cost.

She always accused me of cheating or talking to other women or going to other places without her knowing. I wasn’t I was literally going to work and coming home. That’s it.

You know that scene in White Chicks where Marcus the married one gets home 5 mins late than usual and his wife is all defensive and questions him where he was at and is constantly checking his phone for texts and calls from other people. Yea that was her.

I was very loyal and I tried but it just wasn’t enough.

Once she was gone it felt so different and weird. Yes to this day I still love her there were good times.

The lines “I don’t hate that I need you” and “I hope we meet in another life” hit me because I feel like I need her in my life because I miss her so much. I need her in my life but I hate that I feel that way.

I hope we meet in another life Brooke. I love you

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Rosie Pie

This song is the apology that a lot of people need to hear, but never will. Thank you MIW.

Jeffrey Chandler

@Rosie Pie thank you for helping me find the words to express why I now love this song.

Nero The Blood Demon

Facts I cried brutally to this my first time

Chrispy Chris

Wow that hit deep..😢

Jason Cox

Songs so true

Kaiti Winston

So true.

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This song reminds me of my wife. She loved this band and rock music. She passed away while giving birth to our daughter. Anna and Sarah, I hope your together and happy. Please watch over me. I hope that we meet in another life, Anna


I don't know you, but I wish with all my heart that you are able to experience happiness again, you have suffered more than any man should have to. 😢

Ansab Nasir

She will live through this band my guy

Jennifer Walsh

Blessings to you, they're waiting for you when it's your time.🙏❤

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