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Mount Kimbie Lyrics

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Alexis B.

Weird how this song is an international anthem to the after club experience. Never lived in London but still get goosebumps when I watch that video. When you walk out, still have that last beat buzzing in your ears. Unsure about what you've taken from that strange guy and what you should have done with that girl there. No more battery. Unsure about how you'll feel next week and if anything really makes sense anymore. Now I associate those mixed feelings with being Carbonated and this video.

Ben Aussem

Very relatable but please dont take drugs from stangers. I mean its your life but its just really dangerous to do that.

Walter Roux

Sitting on the sidewalk outside the club blazing the after club doobie with some guys and gals you met that night, and everyone disperses to their own corner of london, sitting for at the bus stop for the first morning bus, cold out but it's refreshing, people are going to work and you're going to sleep.

Liam Butt

Truss me its defo n London ting

Melike Asena

I can read this description till the end of my life. Great vibes.

Tyler Brown

Amazing description of night life. What a sensation. Live it up everyone

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Don't matter how badly you're coming down, the walk home through london with your mates at 6am after a rave is always delightful :) this video makes me smile

Metra Augskapa

Max love

Theodore D

Just can't get bored of this song even after all this years listening to it time to time.
Probably my favourite song ever. This mood is everything.
Thanks you mount kimbie much love

Xavier Conscious-Wang

trust me. i listen to this loads, still has the same effect. love mount kimbie

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