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Deep Like Airline Failure
Proem Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Hoze / Soothing

That track is an emotion enhancer


i'm actually not too surprised this one came second in youtube search for proem. This is a really great tune by Proem. I'd even say more accessible to the general audience who are not exactly too thrilled about the glitch aspect of IDM music, or at least not too thrilled about the excessiveness of it.

Benjamin Clarke

This track was used in an Audi promotional video for their vehicles..  May years ago...   I remember it, because I love Audi, but also loved the track.. So i played it over and over....



Absolutely Gnarly

my good taste in music brought me here. this is amazing, so many feels


Worst thing about this song: it's not an hour and a half long. Just one of those tracks that you have to try really hard not to like. Simple. Beautiful. Love it.


2:21 is just out of the world

Not Eimporta

just wanted to upload a beloved song of mine, but i see youve done it already. thanks! fav + i like

gearlock trinity

wow, what a wonderful tune, thanks for sharing!


only proem <3

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