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Big Mouth
Rubi Rose Lyrics

Fuck, got a big ass mouth
I like that

Face to face with it, can't be beefin' through no FaceTime
Cool with all the thugs since my nigga taught me gang signs
Bad bitch, bitches be like, "Where the fuck your waistline?"
Body like a pornstar, he fuck me like he fresh out

Could've fucked your friend but I heard he got a big mouth (big mouth)
He want pieces of this pussy, buy a big house
Big Benz, Forgiatos when I go to pull out
Big racks, know he be upset I make him pull out

It make me horny when he drivin' with the stick out
Drivin' through the hood, showin' me he got a stash house
Fuck him good, take that nigga money when he pass out
Ratchet, but I keep it classy when he cash out
Lashes, nails done, I be tryna act out
And I got that pussy that's gon' make him leave the traphouse
Glowed up, probably make more money than my dad now
I'm in my bag, heard they mad, now they furious
I'm in them cars, it's the Fast and the Furious
And I'm a fine, I'm a dime bitch, period
Why she smilin' in my face? Bitch, I'm curious
Ain't got no house, I heard she hoein' and she loiterin'
I heard she salty, better chill on all that sodium
Laid back, white toes, hangin' out that Maybach
Freak show, Rubi got 'em twerkin' on that playback
Free throws, bitches don't be ballin' where I stay at

Come get your nigga, he be chillin' where I lay at (come get your nigga)
You just be chillin', I be boolin' in the Maybach (Maybach)
They like, "Damn, Rubi, how the fuck she do that?" (ooh)
Belly on petite, ass on stupid fat
Round of applause, he love me when I make it clap
Don't make me have to go and get my shooter back
Don't make me have to show you I get into that
Double R for Rubi Rose and we ain't runnin' that
Slime love, niggas yellin', "Slatt" when they act up (slatt-slatt)
Side bitches know that they gon' cap 'cause my stats up
Back rubs, money got me laughin' in the bathtub (haha)
Mad love, niggas throwin' money, got my math up
Bitch, it's Rubi, so I'm rollin' in a red truck (skrrt)
I get to it, if it's flashy, that's a set-up
Said he got a couple thousand, well it ain't enough
I ain't fuckin' with a nigga that's a big mouth

He ain't even fuck my bitch, that's a big mouth
I don't even wanna trip, I want a big house
Big Benz, Forgiatos when I go to pull out
Big racks, know he be upset I make him pull out

Lyrics ยฉ DistroKid, Songtrust Ave
Written by: Chinwuba Mbagwu, Deavon Petty Chisolm, Rubi Rose

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she did not disappoint with this video, she went innnn just like the song itself

Denasia Ellerson

@Chyraqz 0

The EST Of Wwe

@Chyraqz@ Itโ€™s just a song ;-;


pls tell me you arent fr

Queenn Kayy

@Vasty Chery uoh


Yes sye did

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Erica Boykins

I can tell she's a natural beauty. Love her voice.

Jaleel Browm




Changes Till infinity

Eheh Fr ???? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿšฌ

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