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Act Up
City Girls Lyrics

(Earl on the beat)

Real ass bitch, give a fuck 'bout a nigga
Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures
Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger
Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, rich ass nigga
Same group of bitches, ain't no adding to the picture
Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger
Drinkin' on liquor, and I'm lookin' at your nigga
If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker
I ain't got time for you fake ass hoes
Talkin' all loud in them fake ass clothes
Fake ass shoes match their fake ass gold
I'm the realest bitch ever to you snake ass hoes

Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up

It's Yung Miami, and I came to run my sack up
Tired ass hoes on my page tryna track us
Brand new chain, City Girls goin' platinum
I keep a baby Glock, I ain't fightin' with no random, period
You bitches weak, is you serious?
I let him taste the pussy, now he actin' all delirious
Did the dash in the Rover like it's Fast and Furious
She see my number in his phone, now you actin' curious (bitch)
He gon' buy me Gucci if I ask for it (yup)
He a classy nigga rockin' Tom Ford (classy)
I bet your lil' sister wanna look like me
I bet your lil' brother wanna fuck on me
Hood bitch, good pussy, I ain't average
Um, he can't come around without that cabbage
Um, pop a pussy bitch quick, like a bubblegum
I ain't never worry, I just deal with it for fun

Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up

JT on the track, and you know I'm 'bout my paper
Pussy sweet, pussy tight, so he called it Lifesaver
If your ass a broke nigga, hell nah, I can't date ya
If your ass a rich nigga, I'ma fuck ya 'til you ain't one
If that nigga a scammer, I'm turning into a dancer (yup)
I make it clap like he got the right answer
Sit on it with manners, get it harder than a hammer
He wanna freak, pussy pink, breast cancer
Oh, you like big butts, well I like big bucks
I don't care about your chain, nigga, or your big truck
Yeah, I know you gettin' it, but is you spendin' it?
Give a fuck what a nigga got if he ain't givin' it (nope)
B-badass bitch, bad attitude (yeah)
Nails done, hair done, ass too (ow)
Your baby daddy fuckin' me and suckin' me
He don't answer you, bitch, that's because of me (period)

Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Isaac Earl Bynum, Jatavia Johnson, Miles Mccollum

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1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

it does have a meaning ;) period
a length or portion of time.
"he had long periods of depression" · [more]
time · spell · interval · stretch · term · span · phase · session · bout · run · space · duration · chapter · stage · while · patch
the interval of time between successive occurrences of the same state in an oscillatory or cyclic phenomenon, such as a mechanical vibration, an alternating current, a variable star, or an electromagnetic wave.
a flow of blood and other material from the lining of the uterus, lasting for several days and occurring in sexually mature women who are not pregnant at intervals of about one lunar month until the onset of menopause.
menstruation · menstrual flow · the curse · monthlies · time of the month · menses · time · flowers
a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation.
full stop · full point · point · stop
belonging to or characteristic of a past historical time, especially in style or design.
"a splendid selection of period furniture"
in period style · nostalgic · evocative · of yesteryear · olde worlde · dated · old-fashioned · backward-looking · retrogressive · out of date · passé

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Finally, some good Christian music.

Shalamar Brown










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The censored version is straight up gonna sound like morse code.

Kelley Harris

@chris johns lmaoooo

J. STP35


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