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Roger That
Young Money Lyrics

I'm in the collard green 6, cornbread in the guts
Got the Halloween kicks, trick-or-treating the clutch
C'mon nigga, is you tricking or what?
Flow, flow tighter than a dick in the butt
Just hopped off the plane, came back from Vancouv'
Little white T, some boobs, and bamboo
White girls tell me "Hey Nicki, your camp rules
Is that why you get more head than shampoos?"
As-Salamlu alaykum, no oink for me
And I never let a d-boy boink for free
'Cause it's Barbie bitch, you can join the wave
I've done penny nickel dimed, I done coined the phrase, ha!
You couldn't beat me there if you had a Lear
Indian-style, courtside with a Cavalier
V.I.P. rosรฉ; you can have a beer
'Cause honey when you getting money you don't have a care

Now r-roger that, r-r-roger that
R-roger that, r-r-r-roger that
R-roger that, r-r-roger that
R-R-R-R-R (Roger)

Young black Ricos, kill for the C-notes
But me though, I'm Jackson bitch uhh, Tito
She wanna play games but, this is not bingo
Monopoly, I'm past GO, go on ahead and deep-throat
Four chick foursomes, skin color's mocha
Sally and Sonia, put the pussies on my totem
Pole, what stroke 'em uhh, strike ya like bowling
Now open like you yawning, it's 6 in the morning
Sleeping on me, probably in a coffin
I'm hotter than the end of fucking August, I'm awesome
I'm awesome, repeat it to ya grandma, and uncles
Or mothers, Tyga's no dad but I'm the motherfucker
Motherfuckers, this the last supper
Look, no hands, I'mma bread cuffer
I don't dare love her, I'mma dare devil
I don't fear nothing motherfucker, Young Money!

Now roger that, Roger that
Ro-Roger that, Roger that
Fuck around and never get Roger back
Ha ha ha

I'm goin' in!
Fresh off the jet, sharper than Gillette
The blunt still wet, so pass it like Brett
We sip side of mug, we call it upset
Smoke more than four quarters, we call it sudden death
I'm a beast. You a pet
AK long neck. Keith Sweat, haha!
Weezy motherfucker, Capo in this bitch with me
Money talks and have a convo in this bitch with me
I'm mountain high Colorado in this bitch with me
Flow crazy 7:30, you just 6:50
Twenty bullets from the chopper take the roof off
Laughing to the bank, I'm a goofball
Hahaha! It's YM
And we at your neck, like a violin
It's our world, we make it spin
And y'all the prey, Amen!

Now roger that, Roger that
Where Roger at? I heard Rog' a rat
Fuc-fuck around and never get Roger back!

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Comments from YouTube:

Roblox Gaming

Young Money is pretty much only Wayne, Drake, and Nicki nowadays


Thats preggy much all it ever was

Daniel Martin

I was thinking either don't or won't forget about still sit I do i so forget got hot but not much put it to together for a couple words and actions cooler music oz az of as if gathering hills to until the sequel I am alive no nothing but what something without nothing what's something without nothing or what to is as is you see but I will will live free see

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EJ $nipa

*and Tyga, Lloyd, Lil Twist

Damon bigsbys channel

Black Rico ๐Ÿคฃ

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stephan olivier

Nicki really said flow tighter than a d*** in a butt. That line still gets me hyped every time ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ


Sus af

seokjin's runny nose

what do you mean by that?

annabel wanjiku

i wanted to like this comment only to realize i liked it years ago.......same vibe ๐Ÿ˜„

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