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by Set Your Goals

A quick bullet: a tough one to dodge (no one ever does)
It cuts fast and deep (picks your bones clean)
And you just have to let it bleed
I know the pain, it's all to familiar
If I could sing words to help, you know I would
And it would end the pain
But you will have to let this make you stronger
Difficult to overcome

The name of a ghost still dancing on our tongues
So bittersweet (these memories)
I wish they could have taken me
Struggle through tough times
And destroy all your fears

Don't let this win over you

Soon you will end the pain
And you will say that it did make you stronger
This is how you overcome
(these voices fade away as the memory did)
And we've all heard it sung
And we don't know what we got till it's gone
And then we want it back so much
Nobody ever warned youâ?¦

Breathe in, take in it deep
Cross your heart, it's yours for you to keep
Wishful: I guess I never was
And I will breathe in, take in it deep
Cross your heart, it's yours for you to keep
Wishful: I guess I never was

(And I will keep, pieces of you alive in me.)
I am looking up now, death can't change us

I am looking up now, death can't change us
I will, stand alone
I will, learn from this, I will
I will, mourn the loss and I will be stronger

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Milam

I'll never forget how much this song and album changed my teenage mentality back when I needed it most

Crashbomb Band

There needs to be an Easy-Core Pop-punk Come Back 2020!


Thank you!!

Rudi Setiawan

why this band so underrated, Set Your Goals amazing high energic pop-punk band

Occam's Razor

Matt described themselves as Melodic Hardcore. Or maybe that was Jordan?

Crashbomb Band

This is too True

praxis veritatis

This song really hits home with me. No one ever really does wonder. If you have lost someone just think someone somewhere right now young or old have that same piercing pain in there heart you did. If you visualize deeply someone right now going through that pain while listening to this song and it doesn't bring a tear to your eye I don't know what to say. This world needs more compassion. 

Alex Navarro

We must all have empathy towards everyone, I agree. We live in a very selfish world.

Poppa Punker

Going through the hardest breakup of my life. My girlfriend who I loved and was planning on marrying just up and left me one day. The only thing that got me to brush it off eventually was this fucking song. Thank you so much SYG you essentially saved my life tonight.

L. Ron Hoyabembe

Same here...god we all suck

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