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I Hope He Kills You
by Handguns

I won't say “I hope your happy with him”.
I promised myself this year I would tell the truth.
I’ll pretend my heart’s not breaking.
It’s taking everything I have not to call you back.
I hope he breaks you down.
The next time you call, I won’t be around.
No one ever made me feel like you did
and now I’m struggling to feel anything at all.
It may sound mean like I’m not understanding.
I understand it all too well and I hope that you fall.
You’re always on the wrong end of the turnpike.
I want to choke myself to death with the phone line.
“Go your own way and I’ll be with you”,
(FSF - Wearing Thin) but nothing that you ever say could make me hate you.
Don’t want to laugh last, I don’t want to say “ I told you so”.
I want you to call me back and say “I love you”, because I’ve got nowhere to go.
These nights spent alone without you are dragging me down.
Though I know that this seems bitter,
It's how I get through these nights without you.
I hope that this doesn’t come out wrong
but I’d do anything to make you feel on top of the world,
and I’ll still be here just like I have always been.

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Comments from YouTube:

kimberly perez

That "yeah" kills me every time. Always a great laugh

Stella T

2019 anyone?? Doubt it

future shock

I listened to it last summer driving home

rotten apples


J Kane

"No one ever made me feel like you did, and now I'm struggling to feel anything at all." Best line in any Handguns song.

Tim Lundin

These comments made my hands bleed.

uh ohh stinky!!

idk what happened to these guys but this album was good af

Kristin Jordan

Can't wait to see them at Warped Tour


+Kristin Jordan was a letdown in Nashville for 2015 Warped... Their drummer flaked in TX copped an attitude and dropped out... they consequently played 6 Warped show dates acoustic... pissed me off... These dudes are immature, but super cool.. probably smoke a bit too much weed for their own good.

Zack Kuhn

handguns forever

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