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Like Pacific Lyrics

Lost my only contact with the outside of your room
Collect the specs of nothing that I had left for you
I'd say anything I could if only it would make you stay
This interest is dis-interesting I fail with words you burden me

No, not scared
But sad to say the least
My guard, fell down, with the walls created weak
I felt your love, your stupid love that you had wasted all on me Taste the bitterness of me
I hope you sob, I hope you weep

I don't get it, I'm not on my hands and knees
If begging's what you like then I will plead
Nothing speaks to me or comforts me
I'm not getting sleep barely functioning
Bury the blame it's all your fault because I'm lost and I'm found but I'm alone in the long run again

Why won't you fall for me I'm distant like you asked me to be

Distant like you asked, hang over my head
My ribs bruised not broken from holding it all in
I see your face unlike the others, I'm sure I'm thought about at times
If the only way way is over it, our time has to die

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Comments from YouTube:

Rick Grimes

These guys are rad, can't wait for them to blow up.



John Smith

Wow that’s messed up, I hope they don’t die

dfgdfb sdfvv

lol@ 4 years ago, RIP band


@Hayden Johnson-Sipes yet

Hayden Johnson-Sipes

It's too bad they haven't :(

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This new wave of pop punk is absolutely killing it.

ktobrock youtube

as opposed to figuratively

Mardi G

it literally is!!!!


"Why won't you fall for me? I'm distant like you asked me to be."
Love it

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