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by Trash Boat

Pick heads off forget me not's – the faded light of memories
The spirit of the summerhouse it still hasn't left me
A haze over the house we shared, a flag of permanent defeat
I'm screaming at the august sun, I know you can hear me

Over and over in my head (Over and over)
I haven't convinced myself yet (We're not getting older)

Won't force you down, never will, I guess I'll just see you around
Heart beats me down, hollow now this house is a burial ground
I guess I'll just see you around
So lay the weight of your world on me

Upset was overdue, I feel empty like your bedroom
The pressure's building, it's caving the walls
Trace the cracks and just wait for it to swallow me whole
How stupid I've been to think it'd be easy
Hostile and faceless but you see right through me

(Dan Campbell)

I left you waiting by the train, I took shots with shaky aim
And I know it's desperate but you and I keep circling the same drain
And it still feels the same when I'm standing in the rain
I know it's desperate but I see you on every stranger's face

So lay the weight of your world on me
I'll keep it off your back until you get back up on your feet
You're always doing the same for me

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Emer Gencyexitonly

"I gotta change my name back to Rigby."

Riley Barber

Yes bro

Noah Jay

Did they name themselves after Regular Show lol

meifung liew

@Eric R.I.P all of your money for paying the lawyer without winning anything

Hugh Janus

Eric became the final boss of the internet with that comment

petezolta the great

@Eric you won't succeed

Teodor Gerov

im glad they did, regular show is fucking awesome, anyone waiting for close enough still lmao

isaac selander z

Yeah, but nevertheless their music is sick. I hope they become bigger.

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When I saw Dan in the phone booth, I expected him to yell "what if I can't forget you?"

Paola Westower

"I'll burn your name into my throat I'll be the fire that'll catch you"

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